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[One of the training fields outside Fort Alhambra has been claimed by Yeong as she goes through what appears to be one of the ridiculous obstacle courses from a shounen manga. Or at least as close to it as she can get without actually being allowed things like live crocodiles, explosives or crocodiles. What's more baffling is that the pretty ordinary looking girl just cleared a jump way larger than most athletes would be able to. While wearing a heavy backpack.]


[At some kind of formal dinner, Yeong is sitting as far towards the back of the room as possible absentmindedly poking at her food instead of eating. She's absentmindedly looking towards the table of honor near the center.]

I wonder if Hye's okay...


[Yeong's found her way into the hangar and is practically bouncing between robots, impressed by all the more distinctive and unique one. Mass produced units aren't spared more than a glance as she tries to find the one of a kind ones.]

And that one was the one that protected that civilian shuttle from aliens off Mars!

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[Somebody new has taken over one of the shooting ranges at base. A fairly small girl who looks to be in her mid to late teens wearing her hair in a pair of long braids and observing proper safety protocols by wearing earmuffs to block the sound is practicing shooting with handguns She's pretty clearly a complete beginner, though, not only firing does she have bad accuracy even at the short range she's shooting at, she's observing all proper stances with the kind of uncertain focus common to people who have only just had how to do something explained. Disturb her to give advice, figure out who she is or something else?]


[Using the tv in one of the common rooms, Alex is watching the World Cup. One of the teams just scored and from her reaction, it's pretty clearly not the one she was rooting for.]

What was he thinking? Leaving an opening like that?


[One of the tables in the cafeteria has been taken over for what looks like a major research project including a big, heavy and above all dry scholarly book in German, a notepad for writing down information that's so far conspicuously empty except for various random doodles, a phone, possibly used to look up dictionaries and an empty mug with dried coffee stains at the bottom. Alex is bent over it, starting to look rather tired of the whole thing.]

Why am I even trying?

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[Whatever the reason you've come here for, you've found the kitchen engulfed in a distinctly sugary smell, all centered around the green...thing sitting on the middle of the table, surrounded by dirty bowls, whisks and other kitchen equipment. It has a candy cherry on the top suggesting that it might be some kind of dessert. Maybe.

Kei returns to the kitchen just a little bit later, giving you an awkward smile.]

Oh, I thought the kitchen was empty...Did you need something?

[A recent operation has brought a lot of attention on Team Rabbits and now Kei has been cornered by someone wanting to hear about it. Perhaps a fan or someone interviewing. Maybe it's you or maybe it's someone else. Regardless, she seems not to have an easy time dealing with it and is practically looking for an escape.]