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[You appear to be struggling with something. Perhaps your guild asked you to do something special, or you're trying to set up for the guild fair. Or perhaps something else. Anyway, all of a sudden, some kid in a purple gi and with spiky black hair descends from the sky above.]

Hey there! Would you like some help?


[The library! It's big, innit? Well, this kid here is able to maneuver well enough to get around quickly. As for directions, though...]

Um, excuse me! Could you tell me where the exit is?


[You and Gohan are good friends. Right now, you're feeling down. Gohan notices, and plops into the empty seat beside you.]

Hey, you look down. Is everything OK?


[Uh-oh. Someone, whether it was you or someone else, has just angered Gohan. For some reason, his normally-black hair has turned gold, his black eyes have turned teal, and a golden aura now surrounds him.

...Or maybe that's just not enough. In which case, Gohan is now at full power.]

You disgusting creep... I'll make sure you can't do that ever again! This is going to end now!
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[Gohan is sitting in the High School library, reading books, obviously studying for a test, though he sometimes glances up to see if someone comes.]

Huh, I wonder what happened. They were supposed to be here a few minutes ago.

[He looked slightly annoyed, but he had little better to do this afternoon. As it had been relatively quiet.]

[Sigh] I guess I'll just wait a few more minutes.
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[Phone call]
[A slightly confused sounding young man is on the phone. It isn't filtered to anyone]
Uh, Dad? Are you around anywhere, or has anyone seen you? I need to ask you a couple things, and maybe get a permission slip signed so I can go on the school trip.

[A day at school]
[Gohan is standing in the hallway of the Mayfield school in between classes. He seems to be lost in thought, though he's still got the normal smile on his face. He's just quietly putting his books away and collecting the ones for the next class.]

[At the Library]
[When not at home, Gohan has been known to frequent the town's library, always eager to learn more about the town that he's come to live in. He's running his finger along the books, then he finally stops on one.]
Communism: How the Red Menace has Destroyed the Lives and Enslaved the Minds of Weaker Countries.
[He pauses for a moment then blinks]
...Really? That's a long name for a book title.