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((I'll try to keep the prompts general, but feel free to specify Last Free City, Imperial Saga, his original universe, or wherever the hell else as a setting))


[The Man With No Shirt just strolled into the scene, looking completely at home as he gives everything an appraising look.]

Tch. Interesting place you've got here. Well, I guess it'll do to settle down for a moment.

You! I am Gilgamesh, King of Heroes! I'm on important business, and I'm not where I expected, so tell me where I am. Make it quick and I might make it worth your while.


[It's a fight scene! Whether it's Riftspawn, Terra Cotta Soldiers, or weird Grail zombie things, Gilgamesh looks to be enjoying himself, jumping up and over the enemy, alighting on buildings or debris occasionally to fire out barrages of glowing magical swords from rifts in the air around him. Whatever he's fighting is getting cut down effortlessly. Looking half-amused and half-frustrated, he makes a "come get some" motion with the twin swords in his hands.]

Ha! Why won't you bastards give me a real challenge, huh? I'm getting bored! At this rate I'll have to switch sides just to work up a sweat...just kidding.



[You have a magic sword or legendary weapon of some kind.]

Hoooo! That's a nice weapon you have there. It's not within Babil, so it must be a unique existence. Tell me where you got it!


[You are a post-pubescent female humanoid of some kind.]

Such a charming face~! Of all the many beautiful women I've seen, I can say I've now found the pinnacle! As soon as I'm done killing whatever it is I'm supposed to be killing here, I'll make you my bride!