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1. Action prompt

[It could be a battle, or a disaster. It could be a sneak shot at your back, or a collapsing mess of debris about to bury you. Either way there's a sound and a movement almost too close together to separate -]

Sonic Move!

[- and you're saved - carried to safety, or shielded by a golden magical barrier. Your suddenly-appeared rescuer, a flying woman in a white cloak, spares you a worried look.]

I got here as quickly as I could. Are you hurt?

2. Shenanigans prompt

[Baking a cake. Preparing a surprise party. Gift-wrapping someone's entire office. Whatever the occasion, you've managed - somehow - to persuade Fate to go along with it.]

Are you sure this is a good idea?

3. Sweetness prompt

[You're a child. You have a child. A child just appeared in front of you and started crying inexplicably. Point is, you need the help of someone with vast reserves of patience and a soft, gentle voice.]

It's okay. Whatever's wrong, you can tell me about it.
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[Immediately following a grueling battle against an overwhelming enemy force. Maybe just a powerful army, maybe some kind of ludicrous space monsters, doesn't matter.]

Well! Let's set aside for a moment how well that did or didn't go. How about those guys! Wouldn't they make some great allies, if we could get past the part where they're trying to kill us?



I'll put them on the list.


[Leopold's mech is addressing the White Chalice.]

Greetings, brothers and sisters of battle! I once again require knowledge most critical to my chronicle of your people! Any who can answer either of these two questions will have me in a debt that I shall repay with utmost zeal.

Question the first: What was the underlying core principle behind the founding of Zeon?

Question the second: What was the purpose of the organization I see referred to repeatedly in historical documents known as "MTV"?


[Whatever the reason you had for coming to see Prince Leo, you seem to be interrupting something when you reach his room. By which I mean, he's halfway into an extravagant ball gown and matching wig.]

Perfect timing, my friend!

Would you be willing to help me lace this up in the back? I just can't quite get it without being able to see what I'm doing.

For UG@

May. 28th, 2013 06:37 am
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[After a catastrophe - a battle, perhaps? Someone was helping in an impromptu set up volunteer hospital. That someone just happens to be Coztik. It's late at night and patients don't need help anymore - one way, or another...]

This world... so much everyday tragedy.
I'm sad that you are forced to live in a place like this. If I could, I would make it so much better. For everyone.

[His hands are red with blood - blood of people he tried to save, not kill.]

[Battle prompt! Whatever enemies you face, suddenly one of them is skewered on a long, golden lance-like tendril. No it's not the Festum - Coztic Pilhua to the rescue!]

You have your objective. Go! I will handle these ones in your name.

My opponents - you fought well, but I am afraid this is over!

[You just noticed that his attack deliberately hit away from the cockpit, to disable but not kill. Will he really be alright alone? That's a lot of bad guys...]

[Relaxation time! Maybe you're out for a few drinks. Maybe it's even a date! One way or another, it's time to have some fun together, and you have the awkward alien to accompany you.]

H... ha ha ha. I am not really good at such things, I must warn you in advance...
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[[For MONTHS now... yes, months... Simon has been sulking. It's obvious what he's sulking about; Kamina. However, he has the strangest means of doing so. Every once in a while, he comes out of his little hidey hole off in some odd corner of the ship to get a rock, or a slab of metal. While doing so, he drags his feet and has his goggles pulled down over his eyes, shutting out the rest of the world.]]

[[And this is the result of you stalking him. Dozens upon dozens of statues and busts of Kamina, strewn about. Carved from stone, bent from metal... he's spending a disturbing amount of time just sitting here, moping and making more figurines of his bro.

[[Once in a blue moon, Simon comes out of his funk... FOR A RAMPAGE! Those on-and-off incidents where the Chalice is attacked by many offscreen foes, Simon does his part, by smashing and drilling through everything in a blind rampage.

And typically such rampages come at a disregard for his own well being, and a slightly less concern for the well-being of others... especially those in his way.]]

UG@ Bound

Apr. 24th, 2013 01:28 am
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1) [It's the middle of a battle and it seems like the villain du jour's decided to play dirty and haul out a big beam cannon to pulverize everyone! The cannon's fired and it seems like certain death until...]


[Dropping out of nowhere is a mysterious winged robot! Its left hand outstretches as an energy ring is ejected! As the beam hits the now visible barrier, the attack is absorbed by the barrier... and transformed into a star-like shape, throwing it back at the cannon and taking it out!]

Cowards! You think you can take advantage of others' weaknesses without some sort of comeuppance? Come on, I'll show you GaoFighGar's true power!

[Ladies and gentlemen, after a long and painful delay, our hero has finally arrived! He is the Fighting King of Braves, GaoFighGar!]

2) [After the fight, the new robot had arrived on-board, the machine being reverted to its basic forms. On the catwalk is a young man with long red hair. Despite all the yelling, screaming and talks about courage, he... actually looks like a pretty nice, calm, sane man!]

Ah, hello. It's finally nice to meet everyone on-board. My name's Guy Shishioh, of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard. Everyone at 3G's heard about your exploits, but it wasn't until recently that we finally got the chance to join you all. I wish we had done so sooner, but we had our own problems to deal with.

[He extends his ungloved hand out to you.]

I hope we can get along just fine.

3) [It's another battle and things have gone sour and it looks like things might be heading towards defeat! However, Guy refuses to stay down and GaoFighGar staggers to its feet]

You think... you think that just because you have something much more powerful means that you're automatically the victor?! It isn't how powerful your machine is, its how powerful one's will is! Everything's possible with courage and I'll show you... I'll show you the power of courage!

[And everything goes green as Guy's determination juices up his machine. Any more green and you'd think he wanted to be a Getter!]


Apr. 20th, 2013 11:18 pm
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[Hey, White Chalice. Guess who's back?]

Hey, guys, it's been a while hasn't it?

Sorry I vanished on everyone, Dr. Light and I had some things we had to do and we didn't want to drag you into it when you guy have so much on your plates already. I hear you guys have been pretty busy, too.

And for anyone who's joined up since the last time I was here, my name is Rock Light and I'm Dr. Light's assistant. It's nice to meet you.


[Rock is in the hanger helping repair the mechs after a mission. He seems pretty engrossed in what he's doing, but he looks up to locate a particular tool he needs] Hmmmm... where did I put that...? Ah! There it is!

[Any fellow mechanics want to check up on him? Maybe the pilot of the mech would like to see how repairs are going?]
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[As the Chalice has stopped at port to resuppy, there's a particularly odd scene happening.]

[There was a rumbling of an engine in the air as a man on a motorbike comes riding in to what is clearly a restricted area for civilians... then again, given his attire of what seems to be a mechanical exoskeleton, and a sword at his side - he might not be as such..]

This is the White Chalice yes?

[He gets off his bike with a well practiced motion, lazily resting one hand on his weapon's sheath as he tugs his biker goggles off.]

Looks like an interesting ship. Where do I sign in?

[Its battle time and Sam's on foot... in a battlefield with giant robots. This doesn't seem to bother him much. He's flipping and running and dodging out of the way of gunfire and footfalls. At one point you swear something hit him - only for Sam to get back up, shake it off and brush as the massive scorch mark on the chest of his suit.]

Mh.. that was a good shot. Lets see if your reflexes are as good as your aim.

[Sam's now charging the mech that nailed him, dodging across the ground wildly before leaping through the air and slicing the mech cleanly in HALF right through the cockpit - its attempt to stop him barely even coming close as his feet hit it right on the head - parting the halves as he rode it to the ground.]

Now.... who else wants to dance?

[He spreads his arms, almost shrugging nonchalantly - inviting any and all comers to take him on. Its massively arrogant, but considering he just carved a mech in half... maybe he knows what he's doing.]

3) (Yes he's humming his own theme)
[Its after the fight and everyone's getting things patched up. Including Sam. Clad in a plain T-shirt and pants, along with several visible bandages and dressings, he's repairing his Exoskeleton.... however...]

Hmm..mmhm..hmmmm~....Hmmmm.. mmm.. hmmmm~

[He's humming while fixing his Exoskeleton. Not that much of a surprise. What he's doing to fix it is. You can see what looks to be a cross between containers and human spines resting on a table next to the exoskeleton. And Sam is casually impaling one with his Murasama - cutting it open over his suit - tossing the now drained thing away and spreading its contents over the Exoskeleton with his sword like a butterknife.]

[If that wasn't an extremely odd way to repair one's gear...]

4) [Omake Prompt]

[Its a day at the beach. All is peaceful.... except Sam seems to have his sword with him - and its drawn. The red blade gleaming in the sun.]

So... we meet again... my... long time enemy.

[He takes a deep breath, both hands on the blade. He lashes out! Once! Twice! Three times! His blade is a blur in the air!]

[Red liquid drips to the sand from the blade of the HF blade - Sam swings it once to clean the sword - triggering the Oscilator to heat off any remaining residue... the air is sweet with a fruity tang-... wait what?]

So... who has the salt?

[He grins as the watermelons he did a number on come apart in several perfect pieces.]

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1) [The Chalice has a number of new Mobile Suits joining them, including what appears to be a new Gundam-type! Oddly, the mass produced suits look like a Zaku, but they're decidedly not one! At this point, a maroon-haired girl in a ZAFT Red Coat (and pink miniskirt) approaches, giving a brief salute.]

Lunamaria Hawke, joining the White Chalice! Heh, sorry for the sudden addition, but the Chairman insisted I join you guys. The PLANTs are one of the few groups not at war with the Chalice for one reason or another and I think he wants to help with those relations. Frankly? I don't blame him...

2) [It's the middle of a battle and it's absolute chaos! Mobile Suits of all shapes and sizes duking it out for one reason or another. One of them, a brand spanking new Windam unit, slips by and attempts to strike you down... only to be shot down by the Gundam-type unit! Though, when the viewscreen comes up, it's Lunamaria! Wait, wasn't there supposed to be some angst bucket with sister issues piloting it? Does it matter? It just saved your life!]

Are you okay? That was a close one - the Earth Alliance's getting much more brutal in their actions...

3) [It seems that, despite everything, Luna seems just a little... out of it.]

...heh, you guys are lucky. You went out and saved the world from everything like the Invaders and yet we still gotta deal with ourselves. While you guys were saving the world from everything else, we almost lost it all because of nutcases who wanted to eradicate everyone. And we're stuck doing it again...

It's a little heartbraking.
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[There's a mission soon. Felicita volunteered to sortie, but the request was rejected. The reason - who knows? Maybe she's sick or wounded. Maybe her unit is damaged. Or maybe the side-effects of combat drugs are increasing and it was decided she should take it easy for a while - or forever.

Either way you are the one to deliver the news to the bed-bound girl, and she does not look happy about.]

No. No, no no no. You must reconsider, please.
I must pilot.


[Whatever you're doing, you are being followed by a small levitating robot. Maybe you know it belongs to a certain ill girl, maybe you don't. Either way, it's not going away soon, taking it your actions and movements with curiosity. What do?]


[Combat prompt! The situation was looking really bad there, but Felicita ran in with a defensive support - and her agile mobile suit Deva tackled an enemy out of the way, an enemy that would deal you some serious damage otherwise.]

Don't worry. I'm here now, I'll beat them all up.

[Regardless, you are still outnumbered. Considering what you know of Deva's capabilities, Felicita can NOT take all the bad guys just by herself.]


[And... she screwed up. It's not necessarily related to prompt #3, but whatever Felicita was trying to do, she failed. And there are consequences. Maybe a mission failed or an important target fled. Or maybe even innocent people got killed.]

I'm sorry...

I didn't mean to. I... tried my best. Just please...

[Either way she fully realizes it, considering she's on the verge of tears now.]
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[[There's a huge suit of decorated power armor rushing ahead of the pack. The operator doesn't seem to care for orders or teamwork to that big of a degree. But having charged on ahead, she's gone and disrupted what should have been an ambush.

However now, she's stuck in the middle of an enemy cluster, and not really geared to get herself out. Help?]]

[[There's a girl with long crazy-colored hair busy painting on one of the many new power armors. She's actually been caught doing this on a few OTHER mobile suits. Things such as "Shoot this bloke first" or "1000 pts/shot"

This one in particular, she's writing "Distraction" on it. Isn't that someone on her own team?]]

I git why you blokes are always so down and damn mopeh! Yer all stuck in this hunk uvva tin can an' yer not gitten out an gitten essercise in the sun! Ya gotta git ousside erry once inna while or yer all gunna end up sad sacks of pilots. Yer gonna git us all kilt if ya don't start goin ousside wichout yer robits!
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[Fighting is a thing that Lyuze has always known how to do. To defend, to protect. So here she is, doing what she was meant to be doing. There are large robots every, most already half rusted. They blindly reach for the young woman, they need to feel. They want to live. And Lyuze simply slashes through them, jumping up way past them only to come down on them, hard. With practiced ease, she jumps around, looking more like a gymnast than a killer. Her face is stoic.]


[There's a field of flowers. Something most might just walk past or ignore. There was nothing special about flowers, anyway, right? But for her, for Lyuze. They were beautiful. It wasn't often she had the opportunity to see the beautiful colors. To see something alive in a world that was mostly dead.]
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(1) [Let's Pretend school time.]
(1) (Hangar)
[[Oh, did you come to check out the new transformable mobile suit in the hangar? Or maybe you came to make routine repairs on it?

LIKE HELL YOU ARE! The second you get within 10 feet of even it's feet, there's the click of a hammer being drawn back on an old pistol, a Luger 9mm for you gun aficionados.]] Get away from the Gundam. You're lucky enough to get a warning.

(2) (Sports)
[[Hiiro is schooling a group of everyday kids at basketball. However, feeling he's making it unfair for the regular team, he moves on to donning some fencing gear, and even here he's unparalleled by the regulars. Test your might!]]

(3) (Combat)
[[You, or your objective, are pinned down by those explosive paper dolls known as Leos. It's when the legendary Wing Gundam descends and tears a hole in their numbers that they let up, and turn to fixes on it. Cries of "Its a Gundam" ring out, regardless of what you're piloting. Maybe the presence of a second Gundam is a problem.]]

Target reached. Damage within expected levels.
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[Another day on the Chalice and another arrival. You can see a Britannian Transport dropping off several suits of powered armor along with some tough looking people that were clearly their operators.]

Alright boys and girls! Hustle up! We're here to get some work done so you better be on your best behavior or I'll put you on your rears! Got it?

[There were grins and laughs all around, but none of them showed any disrespect, it was more of an ease of familiarity with the brash woman. She turns to see you looking at them, she grins and walks over.]

You could always take a picture you know. It'll last longer.

[She's certainly... bigger... up close.]

Major Cora Anderson. The boys call me Ursa.

[There's a hand offered to you to shake.]


[Cora's at the mess hall, reading a letter while sipping some tea. Yes. A tough woman like her is fond of her Tea. She's Britannian, what do you expect?]

Oi, think I got some left to share. You up for a little?

[She's offering you a drink, raising a battered tin mug at your direction and then motioning to the seat opposite her.]


[The battle seems to have come inside the Chalice! Corridors have become firing lanes and enemy troops are rushing throughout!]

Keep your heads down!

[There's a mechanical whirr as a large armored figure unleashes a literal hailstorm of metal down corridor.]

You holding up alright over there?!

[Despite being over a speaker the utter concern in her voice was ever-present. The kind of voice of a person who's used to looking out for others.]


What.... what the heck am I looking at?

[It seems that Cora has stumbled upon something beyond her comprehension. Maybe its something you're used to, maybe its just mindbogglingly ridiculous to you as well.... maybe its just plain weird.]

[Whatever it is, Cora just has this expression that she's trying to keep it together but the seams are barely holding. Try to calm her down?]

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[ For a rich kid, he's awkwardly stand-offish. Maybe he's just shell-shocked from what happened earlier, but ever since he's been on the White Chalice, he's been seated in the cafeteria, quietly eating his food, and trying his hardest not to make eye contact with anyone. Otherwise, his posture is perfect, and he's using two forks, one knife, and one spoon, and a napkin spread out over his lap. But somehow, he doesn't quite look like Perrine.

If someone approaches, he looks up and awkwardly smiles in greeting without a word, and just goes back to eating. ]


I've never piloted a Gundam before... or, well, anything, really.

[ Even if it's just an I-SAVIOR. However, it had obviously been modified, with several detachable protrusions, all lined with tiny, protruding half-spheres, all bearing the IDS logo. The young pilot then reached into his blazer pocket, and withdrew what looked like a USB flashdrive. He then stuck it into a slot in the control console. He then flipped a few switches as the program began loading. ]

Installing... establishing uplink with the White Rabbit... bringing the Vector network online... okay. It's all you, ALICE.

[ He'd never seen her in combat before that he knows of, anyway. Several lines on the Vector Bit pods began glowing. He strapped himself into the mobile suit's pilots chair, waiting for ALICE to take over. She said she'd appear as a hologram right there in the cockpit with him, so... ]


Damn it!

[ Nerd rage. He and several others had been making use of a Dan terminal, now co-opted by ALICE, to play video games in the lounge. And she was kicking all their asses. Worse? Caulder was in last place.

Feel free to gloat. Because whoever you are, you're beating him. ]
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[It's anchor-dropping time for the Chalice, though if anyone were to take a look outside where the Chalice is docking a horde of angry protestors can be seen.  No rotten eggs or tomatoes are visible yet, but there's more than a few signs being held aloft calling for the head of the "Icarus Bomber".    Said "bomber" can only stare for a little while before skulking off to her room.  At least she has some degree of protection on the ship.]

It might be best for me to stay on the ship until we leave here.  I didn't even really need anything out there anyways.

[Being a hero with terribad publicity sucked.  It was worse when it was mostly warranted.]


[Lynn'd made the transfer to pilot, sure, but that hadn't kept her from her mechanic duties.  Far from it in fact; now that her status as a wanted woman was known to the command crew (and everyone else on the Chalice for that matter), one of the only reasons she could stay on the ship was because she was worth more to them this way than as a bounty to be handed in.  And so she was currently slaving away at getting a half-trashed mook in working order, working away at getting its reactor working.]

What do you think, R?  The thing was overclocked to kingdom come, but there's a good chance that faulty conduits are what's keeping it from working.

[And with that she glances to a little digital camera hooked up to a laptop computer, the screen completely blank before lines of text begin to appear all on their own.]

You're more familiar with these kinds of things than I am, Lynn.  Still, working from the top to the bottom might be the best way of doing this.

Good point.  If we know the reactor's in working order, if all else fails we can always just transfer it to another machine.


[BATTLE!  A particularly hectic one, with mooks coming at everyone non-stop!  And that lowly customized security robot's doing what it can to keep afloat in all of this craziness.  Unfortunately, Lynn's still new to this piloting thing and a nearby explosion rocks it, causing the REVIVAL to stumble towards the ground.]

Not good, not good...

R!  I'm going to go for the penetrator rifle!  If we can snipe from a distance-

R, there's too many of them out there and this isn't open to debate!  I can't keep up with everything if we're front and center!

[If you didn't know any better you might think Lynn's arguing with an imaginary friend of hers.]

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(Combat. Open to everyone) 

[So you're doing a routine-ish patrol mission in the mountains, when some Titan Mobile Dolls show up. There's not too many of them, it's totally an amount you can take, but then things get weird.

A bulky red-and-gold robot comes heading towards the battle, snowboarding down the mountainside. It's covered in missile launchers, has two giant gatling guns mounted over the shoulders, and a long flowing mane of red hair-yes, hair.]



[There's that pilot from before, eating in the cafeteria.]


[It's a fun time at the beach! Zane's been gone for a while, but soon walks out of the deep, carrying a fish nearly as large as he is covered in spear wounds.]

Hey, everyone! I found dinner!

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((Doing this totally before canon review. Pardon all sillines and ooc. I only have my phone for a few more days, so its only one icon till then. Just because its forbade mecha rp, doesn't mean others can't tag. I encourage it!))

(1) [Let's Pretend school time.]
[[Heero stands up before the class, ready to present his project.]] My name is Duo Maxwell, and this is my report on the seperation on classes since the movement to space via colonies.

[[It's actually very informative, if not boring. Mentions of revolutionary Heero Yuy as well as Factions like Oz, Zeon, and even outsiders like the Jupitarians come into play. It seems "Duo" is trying to get a point across, but, afterward, the teacher expresses that the assignment was supposed to be on the agricultural advances since colonization. Way to fail.]]

(2) [Let's Pretend gym class]
[[Still fronting under the pseudonym of "Duo", Heero is schooling a group of everyday kids at basketball. However, feeling he's making it unfair for the regular team, he moves on to sinning some fencing gear. Challenge him to either!]]

(3) [Let's Pretend mecha combat]
[[You, or your objective, are pinned down by those explosive paper dolls known as Leos. It's when the legendary Wing Gundam descends and tears a hole in their numbers that they let up, and turn to fixes on it. Cries of "Its a Gundam" ring out, regardless of what you're piloting. Maybe the presence of a second Gundam is a problem.]]

Target reached. Damage within expected levels.

(4) [Let's Pretend something silly]

[[If only to deal with this with the least amount of complications, someone decidedthat the mystery boy's birthday was today. He's forced to sit ay the head of the table, cone hat strapped to his head, cake candles lit, and a terribly wrapped present nearby that's clearly a 1/100 PG Wing Zero Custom (EW).]]

It's not my birthday. Do I have to wear this hat too?

[[Maybe you're attending the ceremonies, or trolling, or you're the party responsible for these hijinx.]]
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[1 - Video]

Well, I guess I should thank you for helping me back there. That was an important facility; I'd have been remiss to let it be damaged.

I'm looking for a ship called White Chalice. I need to ask for help with a problem that's a little too big for me to solve. And the world's at stake. Anyone have any ideas?

[2 - Action]

[Will's in the mess hall, stopping for a break after a long day of work keeping the ship in order. But he's looking a little bored. Luckily, you've walked in at just the right time.]

You'll do. I've been working all day, and I'm bored. Talk to me. Maybe it'll be interesting.

[3 - Combat]

[Well. Those are definitely Zakus. Lots and lots of Zakus. They wouldn't be a problem if they weren't all forming a killing jar all around, standing in a ring with every weapon a Zaku can actually wield... which means it'll take some creative dodging to get out of this one.

In your corner? A huge, blue, well-armored robot with a machine gun and... oh boy, that's a beam chainsaw! Will's all business.]

You, cover me. If we get out of this, you're officially on my nice list. [And he runs straight for the nearest Zaku, machine gun blazing and chainsaw spinning up!]

[Bonus - Combat? | Female characters only]

You seem to be in trouble. [There seems to be a Will here that's just jumped in to save you, tanking something that would kill you. He then turned back with a pleasant grin.] Would you like some help?
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1. [Okay, so you ended up in a weirdly massive bookstore. That's a bit weird. A large, ancient book falling off the shelf, that's perfectly possible. The same book flopping open, turning into a whirlwind of pages, and the figure of a strangely-dressed girl appearing in the middle of the storm-that's doing an acrobatic swan dive off the deep end, and it's the situation you find yourself in now. The girl, for her part, doesn't seem to care.]

Tell me, mortal: What is your name?

2.[That book-girl from earlier is catching up for lost time. That is to say, she's parked herself in the common area of the ship and is watching basically every notable film since 1950 in a marathon session. It's been two days. She shows no signs of stopping, though the popcorns scraps are beginning to pile up.]

Hm. Cinema has advanced quite a bit....

3.[Eibon's been around for a little while now, though you may not have met her before. And today, you get to walk in on the sight of her intensely playing videogames in your room. She's wearing one of your shirts-and nothing else. At least it's a bit big on her. Dare ye discover what game she is partaking in now?]

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1. [Hey look, there's a red robot nearby, looking very similar to a knight in a heavy suit of armor. The robot is kneeling down, the cockpit in its chest open and revealing its pilot, also wearing armor. He inserts an old-looking tome into a slot in the cockpit and proceeds to run diagnostics.]

Hmm... All green, it seems. Good.

[He takes the book out of one slot and puts it into another, and proceeds with his work as if nothing happened. The process also makes the robot's armor slowly change color to blue. Weird.]

2. [Raynor is walking down, the corridor, carrying a huge and a bit wobbly stack of books that obscures most of his vision.]

In hindsight... Taking them all at once wasn't the best idea...

[Surely nothing bad can happen, right?]

3. [Battle time! You're facing a giant monster, and a pretty damn tough one on top of that. Raynor's robot takes a step back after disengaging from melee with the creature, but despite suffering some damage he's not letting his morale drop.]

Tough guy, aren't you...? Don't worry, my friends. I promise that we'll see the end of this together!

Paragon of Compassion! Change, Bard form!

[Paragon's armor changes color into bright gold! The robot's speakers start to blast power metal loudly, the special properties of the soundwaves bringing extra speed and toughness to Raynor's allies!]

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