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[[For MONTHS now... yes, months... Simon has been sulking. It's obvious what he's sulking about; Kamina. However, he has the strangest means of doing so. Every once in a while, he comes out of his little hidey hole off in some odd corner of the ship to get a rock, or a slab of metal. While doing so, he drags his feet and has his goggles pulled down over his eyes, shutting out the rest of the world.]]

[[And this is the result of you stalking him. Dozens upon dozens of statues and busts of Kamina, strewn about. Carved from stone, bent from metal... he's spending a disturbing amount of time just sitting here, moping and making more figurines of his bro.

[[Once in a blue moon, Simon comes out of his funk... FOR A RAMPAGE! Those on-and-off incidents where the Chalice is attacked by many offscreen foes, Simon does his part, by smashing and drilling through everything in a blind rampage.

And typically such rampages come at a disregard for his own well being, and a slightly less concern for the well-being of others... especially those in his way.]]
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➥ I.

[ Incoming dynamic entrance! While she isn't as flashy as a [personal profile] certain idiot, her body more than makes up for the lack of explosions, sparkles, and spectacular shounen shouting voice. Seriously, how does she keep those things contained? With a smile that contrasts the dangerous guns in her hands, she'll spare a quick wink. ]

Don't worry, I'm here now. [ That's comforting because have you seen the size of those guns? ] Why don't you take a breather and allow me to take care of these meanies?
➥ II.

[ In between battles and after school hours, Yoko can be found tucked away in her apartment in the Grand Library district. While she's not dressed appropriately for a teacher when she's all by herself, her door is open for any visitors, welcomed or not. She may be working on a study guide for her students or studying some concept for the current world she's found herself in. Regardless of whatever material is propped up against her knees, she'll have enough manners to look away from it to greet visitors. ]
➥ III.

[ It's not very often that the "good guys" lose the battle, but they are still ahead in the war. Enough so that they don't have to wholly retreat, but spirits are low. Yoko's managed to climb up high enough in a building that's practically about to topple over just for a bit of privacy. Have the guts to bother a potentially brooding violent female? ]
➥ IV.

Children, stand back please! [ While out on a field trip (yes, she's crazy enough to take a bunch of children out in this war-torn country), danger presents itself to a bunch of young children and their teacher, Yomako. ] And please, cover your eyes for just a moment.

[ So she can strip. Indeed, she did just rip her clothes off to reveal a very tiny top and pair of shorts. And just where did that jacket come from? Regardless of any questions one might have on her attire, she's ready to fight in just that. Well, that and a couple of hand pistols she's procured from her skirt. Guess lunch wasn't the only thing she packed... ]
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[So, you guys are totally going to wake up in the morning with a headache.

Note. This is a fact, not an opinion.]


[Because seriously if you guys can get through that racket without even a second glance, you'd be wrong as this is some pretty loud shouting coming from near the Bifrost.]

[This time, there's a guy just walking around town carrying a sword and just. Walking around. Doing nothing ridiculous, at least for the moment. And talking to some people.


You might've seen him walk past you for about a second before you can feel a hand on your shoulders.]


[So, you guys are in dire straight in a fight, and probably could use a cavalry or two due to this.

No worries! Because you certainly can see that a blue-haired male just. Drop-kicked your freaking enemy in the face as a dynamic entry.]

Oi oi, oi, oi! The party doesn't start until I'm here!