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[There is a very pretty... is that a boy or a girl? Anyway, this child seems to be shouting at a group of boys who are definitely taller, and it looks like a fight is brewing. It might be good to try to break it up in the interest of keeping peace, but hey! Watching might be fun too, right?

Especially since the smaller child has just lost it and thrown a punch.


[This is a video post. Some serious stuff has just gone down over crystal!chat, and now there's what appears to be a beautiful young girl on the feed.]

Excuse me, but... I've been watching what's going on. However, I'm not very familiar with the kingdoms involved, and I'm afraid of its effects - could someone please explain the situation to me?


[You're by a lake, or maybe an ocean - it's a decently sized body of water at any rate. The view is nice, the weather is good, and it's the perfect place to relax a spell.

And if you stick around long enough, you may even see the tail of what has to be a very large fish as it dives deeper into the water. Maybe it would be a good time to go fishing? You may need a net, though...
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[Your business has brought you in contact with the so-called Cult of Yasaka! Whether you're here for answers, revenge, or religious business, you've been granted an audience with the cult's leader. However, something is definitely unusual about this - the leader isn't another cultist, it's the god Yasaka herself!]

[The divine aura she radiates, however, clashes a bit with the unrefined yawn she lets out as you enter. Sounds like she was taking a nap, and looks like she isn't super interested in whatever you're about to say.]

Very well, very well. Who hath summoned me, and for what purpose?


[A newly-built church, hooray! On Kanako's turf? Hmm.]

[The attack came at night, when most of the church staff had already left the premises for the night. Those few who were there were given ample time to flee. While in the end, nobody was killed, the building has been reduced to a pile of rubble, with a number of massive pillars stuck into the ground amidst it like giant javelins.
As you come to the scene of the crime, a god is sitting cross-legged atop one of the pillars, smiling down at the wreckage.]

Are you with the church as well? I don't have anything against the Crystal King, but this is my territory.

I won't allow you to establish a presence greater than mine here!


[The pub! This is the lasat place where a deity should probably be hanging out, but who's gonna tell her she can't?]

[Kanako is very clearly drunk, and making herself a bit of a spotlight, telling (occasionally bawdy) tales of yore. And being very generous with her money, to the profit of the pub.]

Now, I'll buy a round of drinks for anyone who will consider switching to my religion! No, two rounds!
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[The legion marches through friendly territory, and so gets cheers from crowds of peasants as they pass. While passing through one such village, a young boy ran up to Gaius and asked him if a soldier's life was the grandest life of all. You didn't catch what Gaius's response was, but it left the kid in tears as he ran away.]

Kids get into this business with all KINDS of stupid ideas.


[Everyone's celebrating coming back from campaign by spending their weeks of back pay and plunder at a tavern. Good drink and good food are everywhere. Just as it seemed like it was going to be an entirely pleasant evening, Gaius decided he was going to sing a popular marching song in the army.]

LIttle bird with a yellow bill
SAT upon my window sill...

[The song has fifty-two verses of varying levels of creativity and dirtyness, and Gaius doesn't hit notes or even scare them as he goes by. Someone better stop him.]


[In the thick of battle, there's one of those weird little lulls in the combat. The push and pull of war has resulted in the enemy line being about twenty feet back from yours, and both sides are taking advantage to crush flies, catch their breath, or grab a quick drink from their canteen. Across from you, Gaius wipes his forehead clear of sweat and blood (from a little cut on his scalp.) and makes brief eye contact.]

You're too much bloody work to fight. Sure you don't want to surrender?
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[It was the night of the party and Koriand'r had decided to go. She is standing off to the side in her long blue dress. She wasn't sure if someone would ask her to dance, but she is there anyway. Would anyone really want to dance with the alien girl who didn't really fit in?]


[The young alien girl was out in the woods, soaking up the warmth and rays of the sun. She spent so much time inside being a diplomat here on this world that she felt drained periodically so she just had to walk away and take in the warmth. But as she walked, she heard a sound and turned to look]

Is someone there?


[It was something that Koriand'r enjoyed and a few people seemed to think that she was just another pretty face and didn't like getting her hands dirty. So she was determined to prove them wrong. She had headed out to the training grounds, wearing what she preferred most when she was fighting. She picks up one of the staffs that anyone could use]

Anyone care to go a few rounds?
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[You are an ally of Anghel's, and have stumbled upon something truly dangerous. Perhaps it is evidence of a powerful ally's plans to betray the group. Or maybe it's the existence of a horrific Riftdweller nearby. In any case, it would be wise to leave and alert others, because there is no way just you two will suffice to bring whatever it is down.

Too bad Anghel doesn't seem to agree.

The time to strike has come! It is fortunate we were granted knowledge of The One Who Seeks To End All! Quickly, we must go forth to do battle!


[It's some kind of social event; either a formal occasion with knights dragged along to show good will or maybe even a simple festival in town where folks are going to unwind from their usual duties.

Anghel is currently in the shadows, looking fairly uncomfortable. It might be a good idea to get him out and about before he becomes a part of the wall itself.


[One moment everything was going just as usual. The next, Anghel has started clutching at his chest as though in pain. It's not unusual for the youth to suddenly claim his Crimson Breast has begun to ache, but this is probably the first time he's begun laughing, and rather darkly at that.]

Heh.... Hahahaha...!

((OOC: For some extra fun, feel free to have your character under the influence of Anghel's hallucinogenic pheromones.))
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((I'll try to keep the prompts general, but feel free to specify Last Free City, Imperial Saga, his original universe, or wherever the hell else as a setting))


[The Man With No Shirt just strolled into the scene, looking completely at home as he gives everything an appraising look.]

Tch. Interesting place you've got here. Well, I guess it'll do to settle down for a moment.

You! I am Gilgamesh, King of Heroes! I'm on important business, and I'm not where I expected, so tell me where I am. Make it quick and I might make it worth your while.


[It's a fight scene! Whether it's Riftspawn, Terra Cotta Soldiers, or weird Grail zombie things, Gilgamesh looks to be enjoying himself, jumping up and over the enemy, alighting on buildings or debris occasionally to fire out barrages of glowing magical swords from rifts in the air around him. Whatever he's fighting is getting cut down effortlessly. Looking half-amused and half-frustrated, he makes a "come get some" motion with the twin swords in his hands.]

Ha! Why won't you bastards give me a real challenge, huh? I'm getting bored! At this rate I'll have to switch sides just to work up a sweat...just kidding.



[You have a magic sword or legendary weapon of some kind.]

Hoooo! That's a nice weapon you have there. It's not within Babil, so it must be a unique existence. Tell me where you got it!


[You are a post-pubescent female humanoid of some kind.]

Such a charming face~! Of all the many beautiful women I've seen, I can say I've now found the pinnacle! As soon as I'm done killing whatever it is I'm supposed to be killing here, I'll make you my bride!
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[Is that a meteor falling from the sky? ...No not important is that a gigantic human being thousands of feet tall floating in the air? Every crystal in the world switches on simultaneously as the goddess of nature makes her presence known.]

Human scum!

You have ten seconds to convince me why I shouldn't completely destroy your filthy little civilization! For countless years, you've inflicted untold pain and suffering to everything around you - even to each other! War after war after war after stupid war! I'm sick of it! The Crystal King, Palutena... even the King of Hell! They're all way too soft on you!

Oh -- beastmen, you're good. When the world's returned to its natural state, I'll be looking for people who know how to respect the world around them.

2. [Viridi doesn't look terribly happy there.]

H-How dare you speak to a goddess that way! I've existed for thousands of years, and I've never been so insulted! I do not look eight years old! I... I just take good care of my skin.

3. [Well, her image has appeared in your crystal enough times, but this is the first time you've seen her up close and personal.  Viridi's set a date with you in the Crystal World.]

What?  Overwhelmed by my beauty?  Myyyyy ~cuteness~?  I know it's a lot to take in, but go on, take some time to adjust.  Bow at my feet, prostrate yourself, make some burnt offerings...  Do they still do burnt offerings?  Yeah, yeah, goddess of nature, but the strip steak was always just divine.

[Actually she's a little underwhelming.]
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[Desil usually came to the pub out of habit and sometimes just to unwind.  He really needs it now by the looks of it.  Something didn't go his way and now he's in a bad mood.  He stalks up to the bar and sits down, turning his head to the side to glare at anyone who looks his way.  Barking his order at the bartender, he drums his fingers anxiously against the edge of the bar while he waits.  He downs his drink quickly and shoves the empty glass back for another round.  Halfway through that one, someone catches his attention and he sets his glass back down.]

You look familiar.  Didn't I tell you to never let me see you again?


[It's turning out to be a rather boring evening.  He's only content to just sit back and mind his own business for so long.  That thing of yours?  Desil just took it and now he's turning it over to look at it from different angles.  Whatever it is, he's more interested in it than anything else.  Better hope it's not breakable.  He doesn't seem to be handling it with much care.]


[Out in the courtyard of the estate, Desil finds a bench to sit down.  The duel is over and it was a close match.  Win or lose, he's been injured and scowls down at the blood on his hand and arm where he was cut.  It stings, but his pride hurts more.  If only he hadn't made that one misstep.  Fingering the rip in his sleeve, he frowns.]

Dammit.  Look what you've done.
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[You're a student at the Prestigious Academy for Rich Sons and Daughters of Important People. It's between classes.]

Hey, uh, do you know where the stable is? I'm new, and this place is way bigger than I thought.


[Just as you were starting to wonder why the sentries at your base camp were taking so long to report in, there was a giant explosion. Someone set off the gunpowder in your supply depot. Everyone's running around in panic, when you suddenly happen to glimpse a kid with a strangely designed scythe running through the crowds, on his way out. There's something odd about him that makes him hard to focus on, like he's flickering in and out of visibility. He notices that you saw him and quickly closes in on you.]

Sorry, but I can't leave anyone who's seen me here stay alive.


[The secret's out. You know that Duo's a crazy terrorist who fights to destabilize the corrupt regime and he knows you know. You're confronting him about it, to arrest him, recruit him, moralize at him, or whatever. Up to you.]

Figured you'd show up sooner or later. Let's make this quick, I've got things to be doing.
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[Maybe there's dangerous things at it's end, maybe you're just short on cash and want to mug someone. Whatever the reason, you aren't letting travelers continue down this road. Travelers like this guy.]

Hey. I don't want any trouble. Just passing through.


[There was a huge fight. One during which Pepper accounted for half the enemies slain in a huge, terrifying flurry of violence. It really seems like that took a lot out of him, though. He's bleeding from several nasty looking wounds, dripping with sweat, and looking noticeably more gaunt. Also if you get close to him you can feel that he's shedding a huge amount of body heat.]

You got anything to eat?


[You're in a fort that is under siege with Pepper, and there hasn't been a lot to do. As the days drag on, Pepper's been getting more impatient and antsy. Finally, this night, it's reached the breaking point, and he's sitting at a table coiling some rope and preparing a wide variety of weapons.]

The hell with this. They're gonna have nightmares about the time they trapped me in this tiny box.
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O great mortals of Dagaria, hear my call!

I, the Angel of Light, have apparently received one of the Destiny Crystals. While an Angel's destiny is great indeed... I'm not entirely sure it's appropriate for me to take this.

But then, perhaps my own life is to become more interesting?

(2, Action, presumably women only.)

*So? Of all the places you would expect to find a high angel, elite servant to the Crystal King... This hot spring in Rome probably wasn't one of them.

But there she is, soaking quietly - even peacefully.*

(3, "Combat")

*Another day, another battlefield... But what's with these winds? They seem to push against your army no matter which way you turn!*
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➥ I.

[ It's Summer Court (do they even have a court for summer?? THEY NOW DO FOR TESTING PURPOSES...) and every city is decked out in a variety of bonfires of all sizes. Imperial City though? It seems there's a fire elemental imprisoned while the the civilians wait eagerly for the sun to set. She doesn't seem too happy with her confinement though. Tapping on the glass for her attention will fetch a bored expression if anything. ]
➥ II.

[ Thankfully, some Big Hero Type has saved this little fire elemental from being used to fuel the Imperial City bonfires. A good thing too, because she might have thrown a temper tantrum involving lots of baby fires. As a sign of her good faith though, she'll help the fires ignite without it being a big show. One might be able to steal a peek from her around the corner of a building before she skips off. ]
➥ III.

Let us dance! [ Once most of the others have gone to sleep, the celebration going long into the night, this little sprite of energy will pop up out of nowhere. ] Please? Pretty please? I've never been able to dance with anyone before.

[ She doesn't really appear to be the type to dance with easily. Sure hope there's plenty of fire resist gear involved... ]
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[ Zecchan is outside taking a small break from studying. It's really warm out so she's spread out laying down on the grass about to fall asleep. It's ok to slack off every so often right? ]



[ Running down the street not really looking out for people in her way Zecchan is in a rush. Where is she trying to go? Well she's running late for a meeting with her instructor and she doesn't want to get in trouble. So people in the middle of the street watch out for a blazing fast tiger. ]



[ Books are spread out everywhere, along with stacks of paper. Each stack is a different subject ranging from basic English to world history, but it's mostly books on English. To the right of one of the stacks is a student buried under some heavy books that fell off one of the stacks. Sadly that student is Zecchan and they're in need of help. ]

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[In the days following the event, all anyone is talking about in Dagara is the death of the emperor! Even in the pub where this scene is happening. At some point, someone thinks to ask the tall metal man in the corner of the room what he thinks about the whole mess. He lights a pipe before replying.]

One emperor's about as good as any other.

[That's about all he's offering on the subject. What's his deal?]


[Having met The One Electronic - quite possibly in remarkable circumstances - he seems to have taken some interest in you. Well, it's about time to find out why.]

I'm an... agent of God, I suppose. Something along those lines. I've been searching for a Fulfiller, someone who will satisfy a prophecy to bring peace and order to the world, that sort of thing. I've been searching for thousands of years, so far unsuccessfully.

I have reason to believe that you may be the Fulfiller.


[So, that last prompt didn't go too well. It's some time later now, and you've been causing a lot of chaos and destruction, either in the name of your destiny as the Fulfiller or just because that's what you do.]

[And here's TOE! He's been hunting you for a while, and he's in your path now, sword drawn.]

You aren't the first one I've been mistaken about, and I doubt you'll be the last. You're no Fulfiller.

You would do well to turn back while you still can.
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Event 1: Town Shopping

The bell rings, indicating that a new potential customer has arrived. Appearing to open and close the door was a kid didn't seem no taller than three feet. He smiled and immediately walked over to racks that carried shiny vases.

Event 2: Home Village

Link had people who wanted him to train or wanted him to come out and play, or maybe farm, catch cuckoos,

Link, despite his determinator spirit, had a drawback. The kid raised his head, briefly; after scratching his head, Link batted his eyes a few times then fell backwards. "Uwaaa..." He closed his eyes, splayed his limbs, and went straight back to sleep. One leg hung out from under his bed sheet. NO oversleeping! WAKE UP!

Event 3: Battle Time!

PREPARE FOR BATTLE against the almighty Link" Fortunately, this is just a battle against the kid with his basic sword and shield. This may be a serious battle or just training. Take your pick. Either way, you face fierce eyes reflecting a warrior that wants to win.

Event 4: Link is a Sheikah???

"Hehehe. I figured it out. A new technique."

It's Playtime! Standing behind a grinning Link was a bunch of barrels, in excess of ten. "Turn around, close your eyes and count to ten. I want you to find me. Every time you pick the wrong bottle, you turn around"

Event 5: Basic

First time meeting the boy in green? He seems kind enough.

"Hello. My name's Link. Nice to meet you."

Event 6: Terrible

Every incarnation of Link always faces a terrible predicament, a situation that leaves him seemingly helpless OR gives him an excellent clue on what villain he was up against, which sets him up to a quest for something that'll aid him later. What does Link see? Or is someone there to witness along with him?

maybe it's an ARMY OF RE-DEADS!
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[In a moderately busy area of town, there's a bit of an altercation going on - some local tough guy is roughing up a priestly-looking fellow. He looks a bit worse for the wear, and could probably use a little help with the way the guy's laying into him.]


[While out and about, you spot a young man who is peering curiously around the area as he walks - and once he sees that you've noticed him, he approaches you!]

Pardon me - I could use a little help. I'm rather lost, and I'm trying to find the capital building. This city is just a bit tricky to navigate! [He chuckles a bit awkwardly, rubbing the back of his head.]


[For whatever reason, you suspect that Xellos here is a suspicious fellow - perhaps even a spy for an enemy country! However, he seems quite calm about this accusation, and shrugs while smiling politely - even if you've got a weapon drawn on him.]

I haven't the faintest clue what you're talking about - I'm just a wandering priest, so I'm afraid you're quite mistaken.
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1 [Action]

[Lenna was sitting under a tree, making a crown out of flowers she had found. It was a nice and sunny day, and it felt good to be outside. She placed the flower crown on her lap and stared at the clouds floating by.]

2 [Video]

[Lenna is tending to the oven as she begins to cook something, making a delicious smell hang around the kitchen.]

Oh, dear. Where did I put the salt? It must be around here somewhere...

[Smoke suddenly starts to rise from the pot on the stove as Lenna spots it and panics.]

Oh, no! Not the gravy! My dinner will be ruined!

3 [Action]

[After her mishap in the kitchen, Lenna began to place the food on the table, thankfully she managed to save the gravy from burning. She then took off her apron and folded it and put it aside. She had hoped she made enough food.]

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[Perhaps you're the well-to-do sort. Or, you might just be famous. While there could be a lot of reasons; those do not matter. You're here at the Phantomhive Manor, as you knew you couldn't refuse the invitation. While Celia was the sort to invite for tea, Ciel was inviting you for lunch, but perhaps a small game first, yes? Or, you might not have a taste for them. No matter. You can always observe Ciel playing a solitary game while lunch is prepared, and if you're lucky he'll cut to the chase about why you might be here in the first place.]


[Maybe you've been wronged? Well, the underground is a harsh place, and the games there have tough rules. Were you tricked into doing a little dirty work and payed the price? You could have instead been the problem the entire time, and Ciel was merely sent to clean up. There's no time like revenge while the young boy is taking his tea at a public, outside place. Beware though; he is famous as the Evil Nobleman for a reason.]


[The idea occurs. You might actually not be a person on the outside of things, but perhaps one of Ciel's closest allies, or family, in a sense. Is it time to beg a favor, or could you be coming with a new job that you've been ordered to accomplish together?

Or, you might simply be one hell of a butler that's here with the tea. There'd better be a tasty sweet as well if you are.
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[You were just involved in some giant, magical event that defies the comprehension of mortal minds, but Nepos seems to be intent on defying it right back.]

I hope you don't mind me taking some time to ask you about what happened.


[After a major crisis in which the badguys won. Nepos is down in the dumps.]

Here I spent the whole of my adult life in service to Phos, and in study of magical power, and yet we have been cast down by some nameless renegade clinging to the tails of demons. Could it be that darkness truly greater than light? Has my life's work been in vain?

[Better stop him before he hurls himself off a cliff or something.]


[You find yourself in need of some minor magical favor, and you happen to know Nepos for the skilled magician he is. He seemed like the right person to go to.]

Blessings to you, my friend. What brings you to my door this morning?
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1) You're invited to tea~!

Or perhaps you requested to have a meeting with the lady of the house. Either way, Celia and you shall meet.

When you arrive a butler promptly leads you through the garden to a large green house. Inside the greenhouse seems to be in bloom with exotic flowers and greenery. In the middle of said room, Celia was already sitting down to a table for two, expensive china put out just for the guest's honor.

"How are you today? I'm sure my butler has treated you respectfully, yes?"

2) Kidnapped!

Kidnapping children, shame on you. Either way the little lady is tied up rather well and not looking too pleased about it either. That, and she's inside of a rather large bird cage. She'll never get the appeal of large cages ever unless they house animals instead of people, even then, she doesn't like to spend much time at places such as zoological gardens. It's filthy and smells funny at times

3) Oh Noes!

On the side of the road near a small village a carriage seems to have broken down. A nice one at that. Around the small village if one is lucky enough Celia is strolling about to pass the time. 

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