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[ Blazenova has woken up in the tower and she is understandably not happy. Azeroth destroyed? What have those idiots been doing in their world, and more importantly, which bad guy did they piss off? Well, anyway, she's gotten her clothing on and her valuables needed and is...currently stalking you in the shadow, waiting to see if she can strike. She doesn't trust anyone here and the likelihood of any sin'dorei being around is slim. ]

Come on, at least make this challenging.



[ Oatmeal? Whatever happened to a cured ham steak or the various foods around Azeroth? However, she knows it's better to survive and thus is eating her oatmeal with one hand, another on the hilt of her dagger resting at her side. She's still suspicious off everyone, though is slightly calmer than her earlier attempts at making sure she got out of Alliance territory. ]



[ 'sup? If you were doing something important, well - Blazenova's going to interrupt by politely tapping on your shoulder and looking straight at you with her glowing green eyes. ]

What do you know of the Alliance? Are they keeping us here, and if so, are you working for them?

[ Say the right thing and she might not decide to use her poisoned daggers at you. ]
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[ Scramble Crossing. Everyone wakes up here after completing the day's tasks. So, as Hoshi yawns and stretches, she'll approach her partner with a grin on her face. Her arms are behind her head, supporting it somewhat. ]

Yo, partner. What's the task for today?

[ Friendly enough, yeah? ]


[ Noise. It's always the Noise. As you and her are confronted by a swarm of them, her dagger immediately unsheathes and she twirls the blade around in her hand. If this is your first time, don't worry - she's got things under control!

At least she hopes so. ]

Ready for this?

[ Please don't die on me-- ]


[ Well, now you've done it. You've either gave her one of her detested foods, made her wear a brand she doesn't like - whatever. Now she's mad and growling a little. ]

Don't think I'm gonna forgive ya over this! I've told ya repeatedly, I hate Lapin Angelique, Natural Puppy and Sheep Heavenly!

[ How are you gonna defuse this? ]