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A kaiju is approaching the shore! Massively tall, and looking vaguely fishlike, the creature looms out of the sea... but there, on the sidelines, a knight stands to oppose it! Or at least, a knight-shaped mech. It points its rifle at the monster and speaks.

"You there, fiend of the deep! If you're not the cowardly catfish you look to be, then quit your floundering around and face me one-on-one! How about first disarm or submission?"

The kaiju, acting as anyone might expect, ignores the challenge and continues heading towards the coast. Percival chases after it, shouting indignantly. "It's very rude to ignore such a well-stated challenge! Is it because you don't have a weapon and I do? I'll leave it behind and we can wrestle like civilized folk! Come back!"


Percival is watching television! Depite being 30 meters tall, he seems to be able to at least hang out in the base proper by projecting a human-sized hologram of himself. He watches every scene with rapt fascination, up to and including the commercials.

"Everything in this world is so incredible!" During the commercial break, he tends to ask a lot of questions. "Please tell me, what exactly is this apparently-fearsome creature called a Lawyer?"
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[Immediately following a grueling battle against an overwhelming enemy force. Maybe just a powerful army, maybe some kind of ludicrous space monsters, doesn't matter.]

Well! Let's set aside for a moment how well that did or didn't go. How about those guys! Wouldn't they make some great allies, if we could get past the part where they're trying to kill us?



I'll put them on the list.


[Leopold's mech is addressing the White Chalice.]

Greetings, brothers and sisters of battle! I once again require knowledge most critical to my chronicle of your people! Any who can answer either of these two questions will have me in a debt that I shall repay with utmost zeal.

Question the first: What was the underlying core principle behind the founding of Zeon?

Question the second: What was the purpose of the organization I see referred to repeatedly in historical documents known as "MTV"?


[Whatever the reason you had for coming to see Prince Leo, you seem to be interrupting something when you reach his room. By which I mean, he's halfway into an extravagant ball gown and matching wig.]

Perfect timing, my friend!

Would you be willing to help me lace this up in the back? I just can't quite get it without being able to see what I'm doing.
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[[In case you've played FFXIII and you're wondering why Lightning's such a jerkface here, it's because my initial canon point for this muse is Chapter 4.]]

-1- (First person test)

I'm about done waiting around for answers. I don't like being taken for a fool.

I'm gonna get a few of the stronger fighters together and raid the bridge. I don't believe that it's invincible - hit it hard enough and long enough and something's got to give. Once we get in, I'm sure plenty of you have some questions you'd like to ask the captain.

Who's with me?

-2- (Third person test)

The end of the most recent docking didn't go as well as it might have. There were complications. For some, getting back to the Charon or not became a question of seconds.

For one passenger (that would likely be your character, for tagging purposes), it looked like there wasn't going to be enough time. Too many monsters, too much distance to travel, too many injuries... until, that is, Lightning went back to get the last straggler herself. Possibly just throwing them over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes, she made the deadline at the last possible moment. Everyone's back in one piece.

It's a few minutes later, now. People are catching their breath in the wake of all the danger and excitement. Lightning just leans against a wall looking at nothing, an expression of mild frustration on her face. After reaching some decision, she sighs, gets up, and approaches the person she saved before.

"Next time, why don't you just stay on the ship?"
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Have you ever noticed how loud the world is?

Even when nobody is talking to me, and when I'm not listening to any music, sometimes if I stop and really listen to my surroundings then it's still almost deafening. There's the air conditioner humming, the fridge making those noises that fridges make, some kind of plant rustling outside the window, and my own breathing, which I can hear coming from inside my own head. Breathing is loud.

Sometimes when I think about this too much, I start trying to stay perfectly still and hold my breath but that's a journey with no destination.



[Out in front of some kind of computer terminal for some kind of thing! Could be anything. You could be the one having her input things on it, or a nearby friend, or just generally around. However, Rin has run into a bit of a problem with the interface here:


I never could get the hang of computers.


[Rin is Under the Influence of something. Booze, or maybe good ol' fashioned marijuana. Maybe Yukarian space brownies.]

[She has been very quitely and intensely staring at a fixed point on the ceiling for several minutes, not reacting to any questions or attempts to get her attention, as if she is lost in her own world. Right as you've more or less given up on her being on this planet, though...]

Did you know that I've never drawn a picture of myself?
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[Girl in the (insert guild here) cafeteria! Either with you, or just nearby.

Whatever the situation, she seems to have piled her plate up with easily enough food for two large people, and is tearing into it with reckless enthusiasm bordering on frantic urgency.

Barely even stopping to breathe. Is this the way that sane people eat?]


You know, some days I hear a lot of complaining around this place. It's hard to get home, there's too much paperwork, missing this person or that person... Sometimes it's a good idea to sit back for a minute and think about how ridiculously good we have it here.

We've got delicious food.
We've got clean water.
We've got beds with roofs over our heads.
Almost nobody is trying to kill us.

Isn't it great that we can complain about little things like paperwork instead of all that?


[At Arracht Airéine! Out near the monster cages. Sasha's standing in front of one of the cages, one holding some kind of giant/troll/ogre creature, rooted to the spot. Her eyes never leave it.

Her expression is a mix of fear, disbelief, and raw, focused hate.]

They... can't get out, right?

We're sure they can't get out?
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[In the course of a conversation with Satori, you have discovered that you are talking to a mind reader!]

What's that? "Can she really read my mind?" Yes, I can.

"That's kind of creepy?" Yes, I've heard that as well. Are you going to think of a number between 1 and 1000 next, and try to have me guess it?


[The setting: Arracht Airéine! Satori has wandered out to the magical creature enclosures, and seems to be having a one-sided conversation with a recently-defeated monster.]

It's a shame that you have to live in such distasteful conditions...

...oh, you actually like it?

I suppose that it would be convenient to have all your food and water brought to you every day.

How about your vacation time?


[Danmaku battle! Flying, lasers, and complex dodging patterns! That's what Satori just lost at.

She seems to be pouting.]

Even though I can read your thoughts, I still couldn't win... how unreasonable. Very well, I'll acknowledge my defeat, this time.
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[You are going through a door! A perfectly innocent door... which is what makes it so surprising when, at the moment you open it, a bucket appears out of thin air, falling from above and unloading a bucketful of raw seafood on your head as you step through.]

[Small voices speak quietly from nearby.]

Hahaha, they fell for it!


[The setting: The bar! Everything is going normally, with no suspicious clientele whatsoever trying to do anything suspicious.]

[A tall, mysterious figure in a trenchcoat wobbles into the bar. They appear to be wearing a mask with a smiley face on it.]

[A voice is emitted from somewhere around the mystery figure's neck.]

I would like one...

Er, I mean, three warm sakes.


[Filtered from Luna]

Time for a dramatic revelation: I'm beginning my solo adventures!

No longer will I be just one of the Three Fairies. The time has come to carve out my own legend! Fame and fortune, here I come! By myself!


[Filtered from Sunny]

What do you think would be the best possible way to prank somebody who's already really good at pranks?

They totally, absolutely deserve it, by the way, so it should be a seriously devastating prank.


[Filtered from Sunny and Luna]

Just so you all know, Sunny and Luna are in the middle of a stupid fight over something or other. I recommend that you ignore anything drastic they say, and then they'll quickly forget all about it and go back to normal.
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[You were just trying to walk across a bridge leading to the Hounds guild headquarters, when a strange small person with wings appeared like a random encounter.]

So you think you're strong enough to join the hounds, huh? Well you'd better watch out, since only the strongest of the strong can survive here! Get ready, 'cause I'm not letting you join unless you can defeat me, the strongest fairy!

[Are you even interested in joining the Hounds at all? Are you, in fact, already a member? Has this happened before?]


[In the inevitable aftermath of prompt 1, Cirno is at the pub.]

Just you wait, big jerks! I'm gonna do all the ishe training! I'm gonna learn all the shecret moves! Then I'm gonna get my revenge!

'cause I




[That last point is punctuated by Cirno falling off of her stool. She's had quite a few margaritas.]


[The sauna! Something seems different from usual, though. Why is it so... chilly? And why is the fairy in the corner sweating bullets and hyperventilating?]

I... won't... lose... to... a stupid... sauna!
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[Your business has brought you in contact with the so-called Cult of Yasaka! Whether you're here for answers, revenge, or religious business, you've been granted an audience with the cult's leader. However, something is definitely unusual about this - the leader isn't another cultist, it's the god Yasaka herself!]

[The divine aura she radiates, however, clashes a bit with the unrefined yawn she lets out as you enter. Sounds like she was taking a nap, and looks like she isn't super interested in whatever you're about to say.]

Very well, very well. Who hath summoned me, and for what purpose?


[A newly-built church, hooray! On Kanako's turf? Hmm.]

[The attack came at night, when most of the church staff had already left the premises for the night. Those few who were there were given ample time to flee. While in the end, nobody was killed, the building has been reduced to a pile of rubble, with a number of massive pillars stuck into the ground amidst it like giant javelins.
As you come to the scene of the crime, a god is sitting cross-legged atop one of the pillars, smiling down at the wreckage.]

Are you with the church as well? I don't have anything against the Crystal King, but this is my territory.

I won't allow you to establish a presence greater than mine here!


[The pub! This is the lasat place where a deity should probably be hanging out, but who's gonna tell her she can't?]

[Kanako is very clearly drunk, and making herself a bit of a spotlight, telling (occasionally bawdy) tales of yore. And being very generous with her money, to the profit of the pub.]

Now, I'll buy a round of drinks for anyone who will consider switching to my religion! No, two rounds!
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Attention, alleged magic users!

[Yumemi waves a glittering golden treasure at the camera.]

I have here exactly one authentic jeweled chalice. As simple baubles are of no interest to me, I propose a deal!

This chalice will go to the first person who can conclusively prove to me that magic exists.


[Some time ago, Yumemi harassed you into demonstrating some awesome ability or technique of yours for her at great, exasperating length. And now, in the latest Qin/Fae attack, here she is, using some new trick that looks suspiciously similar to the thing she was taking all those readings on!]

HAH! Once again, hard work and rational thinking have won the day!

Now, simple-minded invaders, surrender to me your secrets or face my wrath!


[At one of those post-victory revelries that Thor is so proud of! Yumemi doesn't seem to be very revelrous, though. She is off in a remote corner of the party, looking grumpy, holding a flagon of something that may or may not be alcoholic, and muttering to herself.]

Fight Qin. Faff around. Fight Fae. Faff around. Fight Qin. Faff around. What's the point? We're just going in circles. Nobody can beat anyone else. Eternal stalemate.

ARGH! At least in grad school, I had a destination!


May. 5th, 2012 10:34 am
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Hello again, my fellow Sirocco inhabitants! I just remembered something of great personal significance. I am, in fact, a priestess! Indeed, a humble disciple of Bishamonten, the divine guardian and punisher of evildoers, shining brightest among the Seven Gods of Fortune.

Are there any among you who would consider undertaking buddhist training? The trials will put your body and spirit to the test, but if you perservere, you may be able to attain enlightenment...


You know,

[Among friends! That dignified manner from before sure disintegrated fast.]

Did you know that, you know,

[Also she seems to have gotten staggeringly fall-down drunk. Again.]

There's some kinda rule for priests, that you aren't supposed to drink alcohol?

[Loud, drunken laughter.]

I don't know any priestshstshs who follow THAT rule! What kinda life would that be?


[TRAINING MONTAGE TIME. The one training is Shou! She's practicing the art of spear combat, with somebody - possibly you! - as her teacher. Her form, her precision, the grace of her attacks...]

[They're all sloppy, at best. If you didn't know any better, you might think she'd never even held a spear before.]


[Shou throws the spear to the ground in a fit of frustration.]

Lousy pointed stick! Why was I holding you when I arrived if I don't have the first idea how to use you?!
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[In the days following the event, all anyone is talking about in Dagara is the death of the emperor! Even in the pub where this scene is happening. At some point, someone thinks to ask the tall metal man in the corner of the room what he thinks about the whole mess. He lights a pipe before replying.]

One emperor's about as good as any other.

[That's about all he's offering on the subject. What's his deal?]


[Having met The One Electronic - quite possibly in remarkable circumstances - he seems to have taken some interest in you. Well, it's about time to find out why.]

I'm an... agent of God, I suppose. Something along those lines. I've been searching for a Fulfiller, someone who will satisfy a prophecy to bring peace and order to the world, that sort of thing. I've been searching for thousands of years, so far unsuccessfully.

I have reason to believe that you may be the Fulfiller.


[So, that last prompt didn't go too well. It's some time later now, and you've been causing a lot of chaos and destruction, either in the name of your destiny as the Fulfiller or just because that's what you do.]

[And here's TOE! He's been hunting you for a while, and he's in your path now, sword drawn.]

You aren't the first one I've been mistaken about, and I doubt you'll be the last. You're no Fulfiller.

You would do well to turn back while you still can.
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[5-sweep-old Aradia is aong with you on this adventure into the wastes! She seems to know her way around an adventure pretty well, in a miniature alien Indiana Jones sort of way.]

[Upon exploration of the monster-lousy ruins, Aradia stops to examine some sort of abandoned artifact. It appears to be... a toaster?]

I've seen one of these before! I remember it from one of my own expeditions, back home.

I think ancient civilizations used these as... some sort of food receptacle?


[Just remember something rough? Specifically, about somebody's death? Aradia seems pretty easy to confide in, in a friendly sort of way. She's a good listener, at least, but, well...]

this just gave me a great idea
we sh0uld have a human c0rpse party t0 cheer you up!
i f0rget what theyre called, maybe y0u can help me 0ut
when s0me0ne dies, and all the surviving pe0ple wh0 knew them get t0gether
and have a party...
d0 y0u kn0w what i mean?
i read ab0ut them a while back and this seems like a g00d 0pp0rtunity t0 try it 0ut!
what d0 y0u think?


[Need a hand with... basically anything? Manual labor? Someone to confide in? A test subject for violent explosion techniques? Robo-Aradia may be a good person to ask!]

What do you need?

Not that it matters. Everything I do here is pointless, so I don't see how this will change things.

I'm OK with it, though.


i think
i will st0p c0llecting anem0i
i c0uld pretend that remembering the past w0uld s0meh0w alter the inevitable events 0f the future
but really i mean
the past cann0t be und0ne
the future cann0t be altered
whats the p0int


[Minding your own business? Good! You are now suddenly being visited out of nowhere by a troll wearing ridiculous magical girl butterfly pajamas.]


Is this a good time?


exciting news, everyone!
you know how there are a few trolls around here, and they can seem kind of
weird and lame?
well, i was remembering some of our old adventures together
and it seemed pretty cool and dramatic at the time, buuuuuuuut
in hindsight we were a bunch of weirdos pretty much from day one.
myself included! i'm not just name calling, its true.
funny how much responsibility a group of random kids can end up with.
anyway thats it! thanks for reading even though it was pointless.
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[Remember when you gave this young lady some help getting started with using a computer? Well, here she is, probably at some inconvenient moment, knocking loudly on your door until you answer it.]

That stupid computer thing doesn't work right! [No, no pleasantries.] You told me I could go on the inter-whatsit to buy things without leaving my room, but now it takes forever to do anything, and pictures keep popping up all over it trying to sell me things I don't even want!

I have no idea how it works, so fix it for me.


[Should she really be drinking this early in the day? Or at all, at her age? Well, she clearly is.]

Ahh... There's nothing like relaxing after a long summer day of work with a nice cold drink, is there?

[It's worth noting that she doesn't seem to have done anything today other than sweeping and loitering around.]


[Some kind of wacky incident is afoot, and you - yes, YOU - are behind it! Or at least, it might look like you are. Whether you're actually responsible or not, an unidentified flying shrine maiden is here to talk to you about it.]

So why don't we do things the easy way for a change? You admit that this is all your fault, stop it, and promise never to cause trouble again. I beat you up a bit and we all go home early.

Or we can do this the hard way, too. I'm not too picky.
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[A pleasant ocean cruise! What better way to spend your evening, or week, or however long you're out here for whatever reason. Or it would be better, if it weren't for that pesky little detail called piracy.]

[Emerging from the fog is a daunting battleship, jet black and bristling with cannons, flying a flag depicting a skull with eight legs extending from it. The first volley of fire is almost immediate, and as soon as they're close enough, ramps are lowered, and a host of horned warriors storm the ship. Total chaos reigns as the lovely yet terrible Captain Mindfang calmly crosses between the two ships.]

[You are being boarded. What will you do?]


[Congratulations! You have succeeded in what many claimed was impossible, and finally captured the dreaded Mindfang. She's tied up and separated from her crew, totally at your mercy. So why is she grinning?]

You've done a great job with this escapade of yours. Not many can claim to have captured me. Your ferocity and cunning impress me, which is why I'm offering you one chance.

Untie me yourself and let me go free, and I'll consider sparing your life. I'd consider it, if I were you; I do take prisoners, but not for very long.


[Some time back, possibly months or even years, something else unthinkable happened: Mindfang came to your aid, without provocation, at a time when you were in a serious bind. She then vanished from your life completely... until today.]

[No, she didn't say she was coming. No, she didn't knock. No, it's not even entirely clear how she got into your home. And yet here she is, bottle in hand, looking you in the eye as you come home.]

Been a while, hasn't it?

I'm calling in on that favor you owe me.

[community profile] anemoi :3

Feb. 6th, 2012 07:46 pm
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I have a hypothetical question for or other residents, particularly those who are human. Human psychology has become something of interest for me lately, so please be honest in your answer.

If you could have any wish granted, how much would you be willing to give in return?


[Either you or someone you know has formed a contract with Kyuubey! Maybe it's going great. Maybe it's an endless parade of horror. Who knows, really, I'll let you sort out the details.]

[Whatever the situation, there's somebody at your window.]

Are you free at the moment?


[Well, that could have gone better. You became a magical girl, found out it was a bit more than you had bargained for, and ultimately died under confusing circumstances.]

[Fortunately, you revived as a non-magical human, so the status quo is restored. A few days later, look who's getting in touch again?]

I'd like to offer my congratulations on a remarkably successful contract! I was expecting impressive results from someone of your potential, but you exceeded my expectations by far.

If you ever want to lend your power to the world again, I'd be more than willing to form a second contract.
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[Doing something of questionable loyalty? Questionable legality? What about something plain old embarassing?]

[Take your pick! It doesn't matter, you just got your picture taken regardless.]

Tsk tsk tsk! What would your boss say if they knew about this?


[Aya's newspaper has been stirring things up in the capital! Most of note at the moment is the stuff with you in it.]

[She's hard to pin down with how much she moves around, but you've found the journalist responsible for your reputational woes! She's in a pub, surrounded by a ludicrous amount of empty glasses. Sobriety is not what is appening here.]

Oh, that? What about it? It was a good article.

You aren't suggesting I should stop reporting on the truth, are you?


[FIGHT PROMPT. There are lots of reasons someone might want to beat up Aya; she's not very popular.]

[Aya's not really thinking hard about the fight ahead - she's thinking one step past it. What does she have to gain by winning? What about losing? Victory might not be the only path to getting what she wants...]

[Then again, there's no reason not to have a bit of fun before seeing which way this is going to unfold.]

Fine! If it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get.

Do you think you can keep up with my speed?
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[Servant and Servant! You've crossed paths before, but with your Masters - this time it's just the two Servants.]

[Assassin smiles as she draws a small, plain kife. You'd expect someone of her class to be a bit stealthier, but it seems that a straightforward approach is more your style.]

No Masters this time. This is what I wanted from the start. Now we can put aside all worries aside from fighting to the death.

I hope you're ready.


[Servant and Master! The Grail War is complex, especially during times as tumultuous as these, and planning ahead for the upcoming battles is very important.]

[You've got all kinds of important plans up your sleeve, but Assassin is just leaning against the wall, eyes closed. She doesn't seem to be listening very hard. If you try to get her attention...]

Why should all this matter to me, one way or the other?

If I encounter a Servant, I'll kill the Servant. That's all I need to know. The rest is your problem.


[Servant and non-Servant! It's dangerous to go out into the woods alone at night, you know. Or at least, that's what they said... and maybe this is why.]

[You just stumbled upon two people. Only one of them has a head.]

[Blood sprays in various directions, making an almost beautiful pattern along the ground. As the freshly-made corpse collapses, the pale woman turns slowly, giving you a bloodstained smile.]

[She doesn't say anything, but you're not here to make small talk, are you?]


Ooh! What about that one?

[Servant and anyone! Do you know Assassin? Maybe, maybe not - but this appears to be her... but her personality is completely different now.]

[SHIKI bounces through whatever local festival is going on, looking like she doesn't have a care in the world, dragging you along by the hand.]

Hey, have you ever tried this? I hear it's a local specialty, but I've never had any.

You could stand to smile more. Has anyone ever told you that?
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[Video: Rin, outside somewhere, lying on her back, looking at nothing in particular. The camera's on the floor next to her, and the feed is sideways, making her look like she's dangling from a window or something.]

[For a long moment, she doesn't say anything.]

I wonder if I'm a cloud.

It would make a lot of sense, really. A lot of the thoughts I have feel like cloudy thoughts, all white and fluffy around the edges. I'm always drawn to the sky. One might think that clouds don't have haircuts or one-sided conversations or fresh fruit, but I've never asked one. Maybe they do all that after they float off past the horizon.

Then again, I guess I'd know for sure what clouds do past the horizon, if I was one. Dang.

Maybe if I just lie here, I won't have to remember more stuff. I ate an orange today.


[Action! Rin is out by some building in Sirocco. Surrounding her are a variety of painting supplies, and a half-finished mural that's been slowly forming over the past week or two.]

[The mural is fairly abstract, filled with vibrant colors, and seems to hint at some greater complexity just outside of conscious perception. There are lots of pieces of what seem like familiar sights, but they're blended together in surreal patterns that defy any attempt to make sense of them. As for Rin, it's hard to tell if she notices anyone else being here or not - she has a look on her face as if she's in her own separate world.]


[To call the sound you hear from your dorm a "knock" on the door is sort of misleading. It's a single loud, fumbling thump, like someone half-falling over onto the door with a random side of their body.]

[When you open the door, Rin is there.]

Hello. I need to borrow your window.
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[Everyone is talking about the Rift breach that happened a couple weeks ago! You've requested the help of the organization Shin'i in containing this crisis, but once you start getting into the real swing of the planning...] wait.

What's this Rift breach everyone's talking about?

[Is it possible for anyone to even be this out of the loop?]


[You and Haruna are in a city, either on relaxin' time or on official business. Either way, she suddenly stops dead in her tracks, eyes unfocusing as if she's going into a trance.]

...This feeling...

...the Tower...

[She suddenly snaps out of it, and a look of horror replaces the empty gaze.]

We... We have to get out of here. Something terrible's going to happen to this city!


[Ballroom dancing! Important for some sort of hand-wavy mission nonsense? Important for getting by in upper-class society? Important for having fun? Whatever it is, it's time to learn, and your character is either teaching Haruna, or learning it along with her!]


[Or trying, at least. She's honestly pretty terrible at it.]

Why is this so hard, anyway? If I can handle high-speed aerial combat, I should be able to handle a little--WAUGH!

[Another misstep! It's going to be a long night.]

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