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[Just pointed out that Thief very obviously just cheated you out of huge amount of money, robbed you, or otherwise ruined your life? Bad idea.]

Actually I have some good news about that. You see I represent not just myself but the whole of Thiefco Incorporated. As Thiefco is a corporation that deals in amoral enterprises, pointing out that I robbed you blind actually qualifies within the law as corporate espionage. You will receive the court summons momentarily from my elite squad of law ninjas.

OR we could solve this like gentlemen with an out of court settlement. I could be satisfied with a mere 1000 gil.

Oh right, sorry, that news is only good for ME.


[During that last battle, as far as you can tell, Thief just vanished right as the trouble started. Now that everything is calm, he's appeared again.]

Good job. Now we split the treasure.

-3- (elves are too awesome to have to reply to this)

[Somehow, either through legitimate screwups on your part or because of circumstances beyond your control, you set out to accomplish something and you failed. Thief offers his condolences.]

I don't like to say "I told you so", but this is all the fault of your being born to non-elven parents. Bad move on your fault.

Hey, that a genetic reject like you made it back at all, much less made it back ALIVE is a miracle in and of itself. (And possibly proof that evolution is crock.) You should take your victories where you can find them.

[Well, okay that's LIKE condolences. If you squint hard enough. And don't know what condolences are.]
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Have you ever noticed how loud the world is?

Even when nobody is talking to me, and when I'm not listening to any music, sometimes if I stop and really listen to my surroundings then it's still almost deafening. There's the air conditioner humming, the fridge making those noises that fridges make, some kind of plant rustling outside the window, and my own breathing, which I can hear coming from inside my own head. Breathing is loud.

Sometimes when I think about this too much, I start trying to stay perfectly still and hold my breath but that's a journey with no destination.



[Out in front of some kind of computer terminal for some kind of thing! Could be anything. You could be the one having her input things on it, or a nearby friend, or just generally around. However, Rin has run into a bit of a problem with the interface here:


I never could get the hang of computers.


[Rin is Under the Influence of something. Booze, or maybe good ol' fashioned marijuana. Maybe Yukarian space brownies.]

[She has been very quitely and intensely staring at a fixed point on the ceiling for several minutes, not reacting to any questions or attempts to get her attention, as if she is lost in her own world. Right as you've more or less given up on her being on this planet, though...]

Did you know that I've never drawn a picture of myself?


Nov. 15th, 2012 07:20 pm
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[It's the evening after a mighty battle, or perhaps just after a long day. Thor apparently has PLANS.]

My friends, I have made a deal with the Guild of the Diamonds of Fortune. In exchange for the deeds we have done today, tonight we shall have a mighty feast!


[Video post]

Truly Midgard has many...strange things. In all my travels of the nine realms, never have I encountered such a thing as this "Dub-step".


[The time for words is past. Now is the time for facing down an angry thunder god.]

Come, then! One of us shall know Vallhala tonight!
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[You appear to be struggling with something. Perhaps your guild asked you to do something special, or you're trying to set up for the guild fair. Or perhaps something else. Anyway, all of a sudden, some kid in a purple gi and with spiky black hair descends from the sky above.]

Hey there! Would you like some help?


[The library! It's big, innit? Well, this kid here is able to maneuver well enough to get around quickly. As for directions, though...]

Um, excuse me! Could you tell me where the exit is?


[You and Gohan are good friends. Right now, you're feeling down. Gohan notices, and plops into the empty seat beside you.]

Hey, you look down. Is everything OK?


[Uh-oh. Someone, whether it was you or someone else, has just angered Gohan. For some reason, his normally-black hair has turned gold, his black eyes have turned teal, and a golden aura now surrounds him.

...Or maybe that's just not enough. In which case, Gohan is now at full power.]

You disgusting creep... I'll make sure you can't do that ever again! This is going to end now!
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-1- [Network - The Pond]

[If you're subscribed to this feed, you're the type that likes to be as updated as possible on technology. This qualifier also applies in reverse; everybody worth their salt who ironically (or otherwise) refers to themselves as being "on the cutting edge" pays attention to this Fujisaki kid's software releases. To say nothing of the handful of fanboys who think of Chihiro more like a moemoe idol. Sveral ribbits just went live; the first is just a download link labeled "alter tu free beta!". The following are still appearing even as you read.]

@it's a customizable soft AI! it takes a lot of calibration if you want full functionality, but i didn't want to preload a personality

@it's not as smart as eunice but hopefully it will be by final release! mech only as usual, i still haven't been able to make a deal with pear

@i'm sorry uphone users i want to cooperate but i don't know about some of the tos

@i mean i'm really sorry, i still feel so bad...

@i'm sorry i'm spamming this is supposed to be my business username


-2- [Planar Library]

[You might not notice there's anyone around but for a little noise. It's someone very small, with a face obscured by carrying a stack of books that frankly isn't all that big. Still, Chihiro has been standing there for a while, struggling under the weight and unable to move with them.]

I-is someone there yet? Anyone? I need help... please? This is why information should be stored digitally...!

-3- [Fightschool]

[Yes, you read that right. There's about an 85% chance you're male even if you're not he musclebound type or know nothing about fighting--though Chihiro may have gotten on good enough terms with a girl who definitely is prone to ass-kicking. Either way, you're surprised a timid girl like Chihiro called you out to a place like the entrance hall of the Fightschool, especially after hours when it's fairly deserted.]

I'm so glad you came... I was worried you'd think I was weird. I mean, well, about that! This isn't the kind of place where someone like me can just enroll, right? I wouldn't last a day... but you're strong, right? And I think I feel more comfortable asking you than one of the teachers here.... it's just... do you have any advice about getting stronger? O-or if it's not too much trouble, maybe you could even help me practice...? I don't want to be a burden, but I never got started when I decided to improve myself before. It's kind of a long story...
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[Girl in the (insert guild here) cafeteria! Either with you, or just nearby.

Whatever the situation, she seems to have piled her plate up with easily enough food for two large people, and is tearing into it with reckless enthusiasm bordering on frantic urgency.

Barely even stopping to breathe. Is this the way that sane people eat?]


You know, some days I hear a lot of complaining around this place. It's hard to get home, there's too much paperwork, missing this person or that person... Sometimes it's a good idea to sit back for a minute and think about how ridiculously good we have it here.

We've got delicious food.
We've got clean water.
We've got beds with roofs over our heads.
Almost nobody is trying to kill us.

Isn't it great that we can complain about little things like paperwork instead of all that?


[At Arracht Airéine! Out near the monster cages. Sasha's standing in front of one of the cages, one holding some kind of giant/troll/ogre creature, rooted to the spot. Her eyes never leave it.

Her expression is a mix of fear, disbelief, and raw, focused hate.]

They... can't get out, right?

We're sure they can't get out?
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[In the course of a conversation with Satori, you have discovered that you are talking to a mind reader!]

What's that? "Can she really read my mind?" Yes, I can.

"That's kind of creepy?" Yes, I've heard that as well. Are you going to think of a number between 1 and 1000 next, and try to have me guess it?


[The setting: Arracht Airéine! Satori has wandered out to the magical creature enclosures, and seems to be having a one-sided conversation with a recently-defeated monster.]

It's a shame that you have to live in such distasteful conditions...

...oh, you actually like it?

I suppose that it would be convenient to have all your food and water brought to you every day.

How about your vacation time?


[Danmaku battle! Flying, lasers, and complex dodging patterns! That's what Satori just lost at.

She seems to be pouting.]

Even though I can read your thoughts, I still couldn't win... how unreasonable. Very well, I'll acknowledge my defeat, this time.
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[Totally normal place to run into Gray. The library, the guild hall, at a restaurant, wherever. The only odd or memorable thing about this encounter is that he's in his underwear and his clothes are lying in a heap on the floor next to him.]

Oh, hey what's up?


[Gray is walking back towards his tent among the Hounds looking very disgruntled. He's covered in soot, and it looks like his eyebrows have been mostly singed off. He grumbles as he walks by.]

Stupid dirty cheating dragon slayer and is stupid firebreath and rocket boosters, just because he was raised by a dragon he thinks he's so great and can toss people around like...

[And so on and so on and so on.]


[Oh no you did NOT just diss on Gray's friends/guild. The ambient temperature in the room just dropped ten degrees. No it's not just a chill running down your spine, it's actually getting colder.]



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[You are going through a door! A perfectly innocent door... which is what makes it so surprising when, at the moment you open it, a bucket appears out of thin air, falling from above and unloading a bucketful of raw seafood on your head as you step through.]

[Small voices speak quietly from nearby.]

Hahaha, they fell for it!


[The setting: The bar! Everything is going normally, with no suspicious clientele whatsoever trying to do anything suspicious.]

[A tall, mysterious figure in a trenchcoat wobbles into the bar. They appear to be wearing a mask with a smiley face on it.]

[A voice is emitted from somewhere around the mystery figure's neck.]

I would like one...

Er, I mean, three warm sakes.


[Filtered from Luna]

Time for a dramatic revelation: I'm beginning my solo adventures!

No longer will I be just one of the Three Fairies. The time has come to carve out my own legend! Fame and fortune, here I come! By myself!


[Filtered from Sunny]

What do you think would be the best possible way to prank somebody who's already really good at pranks?

They totally, absolutely deserve it, by the way, so it should be a seriously devastating prank.


[Filtered from Sunny and Luna]

Just so you all know, Sunny and Luna are in the middle of a stupid fight over something or other. I recommend that you ignore anything drastic they say, and then they'll quickly forget all about it and go back to normal.
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[You were just trying to walk across a bridge leading to the Hounds guild headquarters, when a strange small person with wings appeared like a random encounter.]

So you think you're strong enough to join the hounds, huh? Well you'd better watch out, since only the strongest of the strong can survive here! Get ready, 'cause I'm not letting you join unless you can defeat me, the strongest fairy!

[Are you even interested in joining the Hounds at all? Are you, in fact, already a member? Has this happened before?]


[In the inevitable aftermath of prompt 1, Cirno is at the pub.]

Just you wait, big jerks! I'm gonna do all the ishe training! I'm gonna learn all the shecret moves! Then I'm gonna get my revenge!

'cause I




[That last point is punctuated by Cirno falling off of her stool. She's had quite a few margaritas.]


[The sauna! Something seems different from usual, though. Why is it so... chilly? And why is the fairy in the corner sweating bullets and hyperventilating?]

I... won't... lose... to... a stupid... sauna!