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1 - Neutron Diner

[Uh-oh. Someone's tried to pull a dine-and-dash while Amelia was on duty! While they attempt to flee the scene, Amelia's not far behind, skating as fast as she can manage - and maybe grumbling a little to herself about her lack of magic - while shouting at the runaways.]

No matter the the amount, stealing is wrong - and those who steal under the watch of Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun will feel the might of the HAMMER OF JUSTICE!

[Are you the thief, or just someone witnessing the event?]

2 - High School

[Amelia's usual chipper demeanor is a little lacking right now - she's not really sure where her next class is, and it seems that no one's been willing to lend her a hand. And much as she'd like it to, one cannot simply just power through something like this like she's used to.

Give the poor girl a hand, would you?]
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[In a moderately busy area of town, there's a bit of an altercation going on - some local tough guy is roughing up a priestly-looking fellow. He looks a bit worse for the wear, and could probably use a little help with the way the guy's laying into him.]


[While out and about, you spot a young man who is peering curiously around the area as he walks - and once he sees that you've noticed him, he approaches you!]

Pardon me - I could use a little help. I'm rather lost, and I'm trying to find the capital building. This city is just a bit tricky to navigate! [He chuckles a bit awkwardly, rubbing the back of his head.]


[For whatever reason, you suspect that Xellos here is a suspicious fellow - perhaps even a spy for an enemy country! However, he seems quite calm about this accusation, and shrugs while smiling politely - even if you've got a weapon drawn on him.]

I haven't the faintest clue what you're talking about - I'm just a wandering priest, so I'm afraid you're quite mistaken.