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Event 1: Town Shopping

The bell rings, indicating that a new potential customer has arrived. Appearing to open and close the door was a kid didn't seem no taller than three feet. He smiled and immediately walked over to racks that carried shiny vases.

Event 2: Home Village

Link had people who wanted him to train or wanted him to come out and play, or maybe farm, catch cuckoos,

Link, despite his determinator spirit, had a drawback. The kid raised his head, briefly; after scratching his head, Link batted his eyes a few times then fell backwards. "Uwaaa..." He closed his eyes, splayed his limbs, and went straight back to sleep. One leg hung out from under his bed sheet. NO oversleeping! WAKE UP!

Event 3: Battle Time!

PREPARE FOR BATTLE against the almighty Link" Fortunately, this is just a battle against the kid with his basic sword and shield. This may be a serious battle or just training. Take your pick. Either way, you face fierce eyes reflecting a warrior that wants to win.

Event 4: Link is a Sheikah???

"Hehehe. I figured it out. A new technique."

It's Playtime! Standing behind a grinning Link was a bunch of barrels, in excess of ten. "Turn around, close your eyes and count to ten. I want you to find me. Every time you pick the wrong bottle, you turn around"

Event 5: Basic

First time meeting the boy in green? He seems kind enough.

"Hello. My name's Link. Nice to meet you."

Event 6: Terrible

Every incarnation of Link always faces a terrible predicament, a situation that leaves him seemingly helpless OR gives him an excellent clue on what villain he was up against, which sets him up to a quest for something that'll aid him later. What does Link see? Or is someone there to witness along with him?

maybe it's an ARMY OF RE-DEADS!
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[ You're a FNG (Effin' New guy) in the military, and you're introduced to the CO. It's like you're back in the knight/soldier academy, cause this guy was LOUD. Maybe it's something you did (ie: clothes are on wrong for example), maybe it's how you look like, but the Red Demon is JUMPING at you -- with his TONFA! ]



[ This can be to Members of the Church, or a buddy, or anyone. This is either before or after a funeral. Losing men in service isn't always easy. Axel, whose known for his frank and strict person, seemed to have chilled. It's like the demon had diminished. ]


Mm-hmm, yes I know. I like that. I like that very...

[ Axel's getting flattered or tempted, and his "Ahoseru" (or Silly Axel) side had appeared. To those who know him enough, he tends to get a little irritated by that. Will you keep going while he's embarrassed, for the funny factor or an attempt to calm him down, or will you apologize? Or both? ]


I thought I told you to stop doing that!


[ This is either martial arts training, armed and unarmed, OR on an actual battlefield. Axel's coming right at you. Clench those teeth! And if you're Kyousuke, prepare for some real rage.]



[ Uh-oh, you're captured and in a cell, chained to a wall. Or maybe you're in a chair? Interrogation time, haha. And Dark Knight Almer's in charge of it. He seems to be looking forward to it if you're stubborn ]

Alright scum. Start talking.


[ This is Silly Axel side again. Normal day. ]
The day's been long. Is anyone up for a drink?

[ Or if you are a pretty lady ]
Hmm, care for dinner?