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[ In the middle of the battlefield, a sword sword toting dark skinned girl is making the already established chaos reach new heights; legs and arms -and one head or another- fly as she slides through the enemy hordes. They get bloodthirsty so young...

She stops for a moment to try to shove someone away.

Hey you! Get out of here! You're just getting in my way.


[ The feed starts with Kuro perched somewhere high, all badass like with her cape flowing to the wind. How she's not freezing will forever remain a mystery. ]

So I have a question for you all so called Heroes. Why did you leave your worlds? I'm sure that if people like you exist you could surely be of more use back home than here, where you are pretty much waiting for the moment you get killed for someone else's sake.

[ She grins for a moment. ]

Do try to be honest with yourselves.


[ There's like, a park. A lot of green alright? It might very well be a plain or whatever fancy you can find outside of one of the districts. There you can find Kuro taking a nap, yeah.

She actually looks kinda cute when she's asleep.
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A. Around Prospero, early in the day.

To say Popola stood out was an understatement; she wasn't only redhead, she was also wearing clothes that looked like nothing somebody would use on present times. The confused look on her face as she walked around, eyes drifting from one building to a person, to a car and to another building made her look like somebody...escaping. Or just incredibly suspicious, which she was of course. Things didn't make any bit of sense at all, and she was probably in a greater mess than she could imagine. Where did all this technology come from? The last thing she had been aware of was that she and Devola had decided to take the Nier matter into her own hands, but suddenly she had woken up in this place, in what she could only assume to be a representation of the past on Earth.

She had to find a way out. She had to find a way out. Her sister, God help her if she tried to do it on her own. Popola started to walk a bit faster.

B. Down at the beach, sunset.

Well, it had certainly been a very exciting day, she had to accept that much.

Sitting quietly on the warm sand, Popola stared longingly at the orange form slowly sink on the ocean. While she was perfectly capable of understanding what had happened to her so far, it was hard to properly process all of it in few hours and carry on as if nothing had happened; it was going to take her a little while to get a hold of her thoughts, but she was positive things had taken a turn for the...unexpected. And maybe for the best, but she didn't want to go there yet, Popola couldn't risk herself to become comfortable too soon. There were a lot of people she had to see, and a lot of things she had to understand, but for the time being...yes, she was going to enjoy the sunset and let the worries for the next day.