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1-[A new ally has arrived on base, and is wandering around on her own. Mostly this means watching training exercises, or evaluating robots.]

So this is the unity, yes. They'll serve me well.
2-[You're going out for food with the new girl, either because you agreed to, you lost a bet, or you heard whispers of the nightmare that unfolds. For now though, she is just ordering.]

...We'll have...let's see...The steak platter-medium rare-the sausage platter, the stew, two loaves of bread, and...whatever your best beer is, three pints of that.
[She folds her menu and looks across the table.]
So? What are you going to order?
3. [You're up late, for whatever reason-well past when most people have gone to bed. And as your desire for a 3AM snack, or rampant paranoia, or just plain insomnia guides you around the base, you stumble across Bismarck in her nightgown, with a cup of cider.]

...Again with that dream...

4. [On the wine-dark seas-a battle! Bismarck and yourself are present, along with Royal navy cruisers, facing off against the Abyssal Fleet. The mysterious enemy force has come out in strength, with bus-sized destroyers, semi-humanoid light cruisers, a light carrier and...something else facing off against the forces of man. Shells are already flying, and the small enemy attack drones swarm the allied fleet-and despite their small size, inflict some serious damage!]


[Bismarck's own cannons ring out, blowing two destroyers to kingdom come.]
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[One of the training fields outside Fort Alhambra has been claimed by Yeong as she goes through what appears to be one of the ridiculous obstacle courses from a shounen manga. Or at least as close to it as she can get without actually being allowed things like live crocodiles, explosives or crocodiles. What's more baffling is that the pretty ordinary looking girl just cleared a jump way larger than most athletes would be able to. While wearing a heavy backpack.]


[At some kind of formal dinner, Yeong is sitting as far towards the back of the room as possible absentmindedly poking at her food instead of eating. She's absentmindedly looking towards the table of honor near the center.]

I wonder if Hye's okay...


[Yeong's found her way into the hangar and is practically bouncing between robots, impressed by all the more distinctive and unique one. Mass produced units aren't spared more than a glance as she tries to find the one of a kind ones.]

And that one was the one that protected that civilian shuttle from aliens off Mars!

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1. [Daniel is a mercenary. He takes jobs for a living. He doesn't do anything morally objectionable, but silly or strange tasks are a different matter entirely. Even if they make him blink an eye. Figuratively speaking.]

You want me to do... what, exactly?

2. [Shooting range. The very tall cyborg is focused, his hand hovering over his holstered gun while the other one is about to press the near console's GO button and start the course... But suddenly, his head turns towards you.]

Do you want to practice with me?

[There's something suspicious about this course. The targets aren't even visible yet.]

3. [Everyone needs to relax after a day of hard work. Daniel sits down in a comfy chair (which creaks in protest, considering how big and heavy he is), opens a bag of potato chips (how is he going to eat them?) and turns on the TV. What appears on the screen is a cheesy, ancient black and white western - one of those where the protagonist and villain actually wear white and black hats respectively. Only after a moment Daniel notices your presence.]


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1. [There's a new girl on base! And how does she occupy her time here?]

[By kicking the snot out of a sandbag in the gym! For a generic highschooler, she sure loves working out!]



[For some reason, Nagisa is holding up an outfit-with a tiny miniskirt, of the "barely even there" variation.]

Wrestling outfits are one thing, but this...

3. [As you go about your daily business, who should you see wandering around town but an elf woman-wearing a pink, skintight bodysuit, with really outrageously pointy shoulders.

She seems to have gotten herself some ice cream.]

4. [An intense battle! It's a tough, difficult fight the enemies of the day, with neither side giving up an inch-when a pillar of blue light appears. It fades, revealing an elf.]

I cannot allow this to go on any longer.

[Reinforcements have arrived.]
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[It's early morning.  The period of the day that Ana likes to sleep through until at least 10 AM when she's not on-duty.  And unfortunately, something loud just... isn't letting that be how things are today.]

How... how can anyone put up with this?!?  You'd think there'd be some kind of 'quiet hours' in place here!


... Alright!  Some red there, a streak of green there and-

[Later in the day though, Ana's in much brighter spirits.  She has some classical music playing from a speaker outside as the cold, metallic fingers on her right hand running across a canvas.  She's fingerpainting.  Fingerpainting with her cybernetics, and enjoying it greatly.  And finally she adds one upturned curvey line to the bottom of it and then turns around and shows it to you.]

What do you think?  Does it remind you of anything?


[Not long ago, bad things happened during a mission.  Things that wouldn't sit well with many people, Ana included.  She tried to power through it and continue her dexterity training by playing a melancholy little song on her guitar, but one mis-strummed string too many and she has to stop.]

... Why...

[She puts the instrument aside, hands balled up into fists on her lap.]

Why would anyone or anything think that what happened out there would benefit anyone in the long run?  Maybe I don't see it, I'm still new at this combat piloting thing, but... I'm just not seeing it.

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1. [You're in the middle of some kind of disagreement, or had one recently. Whether it's a big and important thing or a relatively trivial one, it doesn't look like any kind of compromise can be reached. And then, suddenly this guy shows up.]

I am Roger Smith, Paradigm City's top negotiator. What seems to be the problem?

2. [You got into trouble, and a bunch of armed thugs or other human-sized bad guys have accosted you in a dark street. Looks like this is going to end in a mess... But suddenly a smoke bomb explodes, blocking the vision of most of the bad guys and causing them to cough! A man in a suit swings in on a line, landing a kick to the head of the one that escaped the smoke!]

I suggest we get out of here. Fast.

3. [Roger got waken up by some loud noises before noon, which counts as way too early for him. Now he's going down the corridor like a slightly annoyed zombie, trying to find the source of the noise.]

What is this ruckus...

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[Somebody new has taken over one of the shooting ranges at base. A fairly small girl who looks to be in her mid to late teens wearing her hair in a pair of long braids and observing proper safety protocols by wearing earmuffs to block the sound is practicing shooting with handguns She's pretty clearly a complete beginner, though, not only firing does she have bad accuracy even at the short range she's shooting at, she's observing all proper stances with the kind of uncertain focus common to people who have only just had how to do something explained. Disturb her to give advice, figure out who she is or something else?]


[Using the tv in one of the common rooms, Alex is watching the World Cup. One of the teams just scored and from her reaction, it's pretty clearly not the one she was rooting for.]

What was he thinking? Leaving an opening like that?


[One of the tables in the cafeteria has been taken over for what looks like a major research project including a big, heavy and above all dry scholarly book in German, a notepad for writing down information that's so far conspicuously empty except for various random doodles, a phone, possibly used to look up dictionaries and an empty mug with dried coffee stains at the bottom. Alex is bent over it, starting to look rather tired of the whole thing.]

Why am I even trying?

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A kaiju is approaching the shore! Massively tall, and looking vaguely fishlike, the creature looms out of the sea... but there, on the sidelines, a knight stands to oppose it! Or at least, a knight-shaped mech. It points its rifle at the monster and speaks.

"You there, fiend of the deep! If you're not the cowardly catfish you look to be, then quit your floundering around and face me one-on-one! How about first disarm or submission?"

The kaiju, acting as anyone might expect, ignores the challenge and continues heading towards the coast. Percival chases after it, shouting indignantly. "It's very rude to ignore such a well-stated challenge! Is it because you don't have a weapon and I do? I'll leave it behind and we can wrestle like civilized folk! Come back!"


Percival is watching television! Depite being 30 meters tall, he seems to be able to at least hang out in the base proper by projecting a human-sized hologram of himself. He watches every scene with rapt fascination, up to and including the commercials.

"Everything in this world is so incredible!" During the commercial break, he tends to ask a lot of questions. "Please tell me, what exactly is this apparently-fearsome creature called a Lawyer?"
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If there was anything on the overweight pilot's mind upon his first arrival at headquarters, it wasn't meeting his co-workers or even getting settled into his room just yet.

"Let's see what these Unity guys have for chowin' down on!"

Coop is currently "unifying" at least a dozen ingredients to form what is likely the biggest edible heart attack anyone there has ever seen.

After an especially destructive mission, Coop assessed and began repairs on his precious giant metal baby, Megas, in the hangar. His burly arm turned a wrench for what felt like the billionth time. He grumbled under his breath about Megas' important damage sustained like how badly the paint got chipped. "And I swear they're REALLY in for some extra smashing if anything happened to my cup holder..." Coop wiped sweat from his brow and took a long sip from his Big Glug before returning to work.

The full battle capabilities of the advanced MEGAS XLR were being put to splendid use... for body slamming an enemy unit, elbowing another, then clotheslining a third. His allies have probably wondered more than once why Coop normally chooses to lay the smackdown with a mech packed to the brim with incredible technology and a highly sophisticated arsenal of potent weaponry.
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[Zero is currently engaged in some mighty hardcore battle. An overwhelming monster that has taken a beating from a number of his laser attacks]

Getting kind of annoyed right now.

[He turns to one of his allies. YOU! Yes, you! and points out.]

Give me a hand with this, I need you to suppress this guy while I move in!

[He'll wait for a response, and hopefully a positive one. He hopes a proper finisher can put this monster into the ground.]


[Downtime and "Taiga" is about the hangars, helping out the mechanics and other people with their jobs. Tech behind the times compared to his planet makes it less than difficult to miraculously get a few clunkers working even.]

That'll do it.
You just had to twist it.
Remember it's to the left to loose something!

[He's getting some handshakes and such from one of the mechanics before being pulled off for some more help. Maybe you would like a hand while he's about.]


[The last mission went less than stellar, and being a super hero means that Zero himself is laid up in the medbay in Taiga's form.]

[He slams his hand against the table in frustration once the nurse have left.]

Damn it.

What the hell was I thinking out there?

[He's certainly in a foul mood. Both saddened by his failure and annoyed at his weakness. He hasn't quite outgrown his old streak completely.]

[Maybe someone can console him.]
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1. [a fight on foot]
[However it happened, you're faced with dangerous enemies while without the protection of a giant robot. However capable you may be of handling yourself, if you're going to get out of this, you could use some help! And fortunately, another member of Unity Group is right around the - oh crap, it's Hayato. And whatever the name for how he's "helping" you may be, you're pretty sure it's not sanctioned by any international sporting body. It looks like kung fu had an angry, angry baby with a slasher movie.]

You need any of these alive?

[He's smiling, too. Apparently entering a fight by clawing out an opponent's eyes with one swipe puts him in a good mood.]

2. [a frank exchange of views]
[A fight's over, and in the course of it, an enemy got away. It wasn't your fault - there were hostages, or bystanders in danger, and you had to choose between saving them and finishing off the enemy! Protecting people is why you're all in this, right? But while others are out trying to chase down the one that got away, Hayato's back at base with you.]

Idiot. What were you thinking?
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[Its been a rough few weeks and a number of the regular rank and file troops (coughMOOKScough) needed to be rotated out. Coming in with a new bunch of them was this fresh looking kid and her Genspenst. She seems to be pretty impressed as she weaves and flows past the various techs and other new arrivals.]

Wow... I heard that this place was going to be amazing... but I didn't think it'd be like this...

[While she was moving however something causes her face to burn bright red as she flails her arm across another person's face... right before she crashes into you!]

GAH! Sorry I just- ugh... I don't know how I'm gonna explain this... my first day and I'm already knocking people around...

[And now she scrambles back to her feet to help you up.]


[Peola had an eager smile on her face as she was watching TV. Why you ask? It seems that there's a special marathon going on. Boxing, Wrestling, all sorts of sports involving two people attempting to beat the everloving hell out of each other. Admittedly though nobody's probably told her that Wrestling was fake. Admittedly with the small punches she let out every so often it was almost adorable.]

Hey, you gonna watch too? There's plenty of space on the couch and all and the best part hasn't started yet!

[Wait what?! You were behind her and the volume was high enough to mask your footsteps! How did she know you were there?]


[Its a battle, and an intense one at that. A number of people have had to pull back due to ammo shortages and damage piling up. When Peola's Genspenst chucks its machinegun aside you would be expecting her to pull back. Not so when she let out a massive battle cry and smashed its fist into one of the aggressor machines before smashing the plasma cutters on its opposite arm into the foe's chest.]

C'mon... gotta keep this up. I've had harder fights than this...

[She's been fighting admirably and the relatively intact condition of her PT is testament to that... however something about the battle seems to be grinding her down.]

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[In the hangar of one of UG's bases, there is a bewildering selection of mechs from across time and space, and Musashi looks fucking thrilled at the prospect of getting to pilot one!]

Eeeeeheehehee I can't wait! I hope a mechasaurus attacks soon! I'll get in Getter Robo and we'll beat it back to the stone age with teamwork and guts and punching!

Hey, do you think "Daisetsuzanoroshi!" sounds cooler, or "Wind blowing down mount Daisetsu!"?


[After eating a staggering twelve plates of food, Musashi finally sits back a bit, contentedly. You've seen him eat lots of food before, but this display was truly one of a kind. He could just be hungry, or it could just be that the cook is a cute girl who seems to like that someone REALLY likes her cooking.]

Phew! I don't normally eat so much but I just can't help it when the food is so good!


[The enemy has bulled through all kinds of trickery and skill with just plain raw strength.]

It's 'bout time I get a turn. Now I'll show you that Getter Robo shouldn't be underestimated in power either! CHANGE, GETTER THREE!
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Welcome to the Haran mansion, where many things are present, as well as your gracious host, Banjou himself. There's a pool, tennis court, gym, shooting range, even a large dining hall.

"Please, make yourself at home. Everything you see is at your disposal, and if you need more, Garrison is also available. Dinner will be at 8pm, with everyone so do try to attend."

How might you react to such a generous offer?

Its 7:30 pm, sharp and there's a chime the good ol' Garrison's voice. "Dinner will be served at 8pm. Please gather in the dining hall."

With everyone invited, and a huge spread of food, what will you have, who will you sit by, and what will you bring up as table conversation.
(This prompt is a free-for-all.)

(1c; still inside the Haran manor.)
You've already been granted access to most anything in the massive estate, but by chance you open up a hidden panel in the study that reveals a massive super-computer. Shortly after an alarm goes off and there's Banjou there to close the room off. "And just what were you doing here?"

You, and your Mecha are facing off against a Megaborg, solo. Banjou hasn't arrived yet, and if you don't do something, the Meganoid menace will surely crush you and the city you're protecting in short order.

Just what will you do until the larger Daitarn 3 arrives.
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1. Hangar, night
It's pretty late to have business in the hangar, isn't it? Things have been quiet, the maintenance crews aren't working double shifts in the aftermath of a battle, and whatever brings you here, you probably expected to be the only one around. However, there's light and signs of movement, from a room near one red mobile suit. And when you're nearby, a cry of distress!

Yet if you investigate, the young woman you heard is nowhere to be seen. Instead the room contains a couple of maintenance drones, wheeled tripods with unusually human-looking arms attached. They're holding something over a workbench - something that looks like it's freshly become two separate somethings. Why would anyone have left these on? But then, one makes a sound.

"Damn it..."

2. Gym
There's a new person in the gym, going through a workout that looks half like a dance routine and half like a martial arts kata. From the looks of her, it's something she does a lot, judging both by her physique and the expression of relaxed concentration she's wearing. Offer to spar, or catch her as she's cooling down?

3. Cafeteria
That woman from the gym obviously worked up an appetite. At least, she's in the queue for food, but she seems strangely reluctant to take it. She's stopped in front of the section for an admittedly... unusual menu item, looking indecisive about whether she wants to risk it. As you get closer, though, you can hear that she seems to be talking to herself.

"No. ...I don't care, it looks disgusting. You don't have to deal with the aftertaste."

4. Action
In the chaos of a large battle, someone's gotten the drop on you! You may be oblivious or you may have caught on just too late to react, but there's an enemy behind you lining up a shot, and they fire before you've a chance to dodge...

"Watch it!"

...and they hit a shield - a red canopy that appears in a split second between you and your assailant, like a parasol unfolding! It takes the shot, though from the looks of it, it won't take many more...

The red mobile suit that deployed the shield is speeding towards you, its pilot back on the comms. "My rifle's drained! Got a plan before the rest get here?"
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1. [Hetepheres encounters some sign of human culture as she passes by. It might be music, a movie, art, a game, even an unusual building - doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter if it's something very snobby and high-brow, or low-brow and plebian - her reaction is the same! As for you, either you're passing by as well, or are actively engaged with the thing in question.]

Ah, how interesting. I see that the advancements of Earthling culture continue to amaze.

2. [Now she's watching some people at work. Construction workers building something, engineers working on mecha in the hangar, something else - your pick. And now she turns to you.]

If I may ask - are those free laborers? Did Earth abolish the institution of slavery yet?

3. [Late evening kitchen raid! The huge bug-alien is consuming a pile of biscuits with... sugar and mayo. What. Only now she noticed you. Staring, probably.]

Hmm? May I help you...?

4. [A mecha fight! Or rather, the aftermath of one. It was a flawless victory, not one of those Generic Bad Ends!]

An amazing victory! Everyone, engrave this battle in your minds and cherish it, for it is something to be proud of. As for now...

[Well, mostly flawless. Hetepheres' machine is lying on its back, struggling to get up. Have you ever seen a beetle in the same situation? It's kinda like that, only with desperate attempts to keep her dignity added.]

...A little help, if you don't mind?

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1. [Space.  You have only to look up into the sky on a clear night to witness an insignificant fraction of it.  And Flit's doing exactly that.  Not even trying to find constellations... just try to take in the unimaginable size of it.]

Look at it up there... just... everything.  So many stars... and even more planets we can't even see.

[Of course this is Flit we're talking about, sooooo...]

... So many planets.  How many do you think are home to aliens we'll have to fight?


[For one reason or another, during a trip to the hangar you've wound up looking closely at or inside of the Gundam AGE-1.  Normally nobody would really pay any mind, especially since it won't turn on without the AGE Device plugged into it.  Well, except...]

What are you doing with my Gundam?!?  Get away from it; whatever you're doing with it I didn't give you permission!

[Oh boy.  Overprotective kid is overprotective.]


This... this is... amazing!

[As someone who spent much of his life on a colony and helping construct a kickass Gundam, there are some things Flit's never gotten to experience first-hand before.  Such as a big, fancy amusement park with Ferris Wheels and rollercoasters and arcades and everything.  He's just standing in awe, wondering just what he should go and experience first.]

I saw commercials about these places... I just... didn't think it'd be so BIG!
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[Whatever the reason you've come here for, you've found the kitchen engulfed in a distinctly sugary smell, all centered around the green...thing sitting on the middle of the table, surrounded by dirty bowls, whisks and other kitchen equipment. It has a candy cherry on the top suggesting that it might be some kind of dessert. Maybe.

Kei returns to the kitchen just a little bit later, giving you an awkward smile.]

Oh, I thought the kitchen was empty...Did you need something?

[A recent operation has brought a lot of attention on Team Rabbits and now Kei has been cornered by someone wanting to hear about it. Perhaps a fan or someone interviewing. Maybe it's you or maybe it's someone else. Regardless, she seems not to have an easy time dealing with it and is practically looking for an escape.]
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[Ryuichi is currently going around base asking if he could help anybody, unfortunately it seems they've all shooed him away for one reason or another and he has tasked himself to sitting, dejected, in a corner, listening to his i-pod/i-pod equivalent]

[You may interrupt him, actually he would probably prefer it id you interrupted him]


[Battle Scenario! It seems the forces working against Romana have seen fit to just dump their resources into buying a bunch of worthless MP models and zerg rushing. About to be dog piled by Gespensts and the like, or at least it appears that way to Ryuichi, causes the blue dude in his dragonoid robot to jump in front and take the blunt of the attack instead]

H-hey, you're okay right?
Sorry if I'm interrupting...well not really "sorry" but-

[Whatever he was about to say is interrupted via punch to the face of his unit. He definitely bit off more than he could chew. Typical.]


[After the battle of trying to throw himself in front of his allies, despite not being built like a brick wall, Ryuichi stumbles back into the hanger, bruised up and bleeding.] kinda...deja vu...

[Aaaaand he falls over. He's not quite unconscious since he's sneering about this mess he's become, and he's regenerating sort of but it's not fast enough that it's a good idea to leave him laying there]


There, see, I told you the problem.
You should have listened to me earlier.

[Ryuichi is currently sitting at a chair and just finished cleaning up someone's computer. It could be yours or you're catching him working on someone else's.
4b- he's helping out at the clinic and someone's really messed up: again you or seeing him with someone else.]

[[ooc: Forgive me deleting and then making a new post for him, after some touch ups I think I have what I really want.]]
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1. [It's a calm, beautiful day. Asagi makes sure his bonsai trees are okay, stretches, and leaves his room. This music might as well be playing in the background. Everything is going alright! Maybe for once the day will be relaxing and not full of stress!

And then he steps right into some kind of pandemonium. The music reached the 2:38 part. Calm is replaced by shenanigans. And you're right in the middle of it.]

What is this...

2. [Asagi messed up. Why, exactly? It doesn't matter if it was something big, or something that's irrelevant in the long run, he's beating himself up over it.]

Damnit... Am I going to be one of the Fail Five forever? Urgh...
[He grabs his stomach from stress.]

3. [This time, it's you who looks like you're in trouble! Be it a tough situation in a mecha battle, a personal crisis, or something small, Asagi's big brother instinct flares up and he rushes in.]

Hey! Are you okay?

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