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Ain't no time like the 80's-For SRWU, Iczer-1

1. [There's a new girl on base! And how does she occupy her time here?]

[By kicking the snot out of a sandbag in the gym! For a generic highschooler, she sure loves working out!]



[For some reason, Nagisa is holding up an outfit-with a tiny miniskirt, of the "barely even there" variation.]

Wrestling outfits are one thing, but this...

3. [As you go about your daily business, who should you see wandering around town but an elf woman-wearing a pink, skintight bodysuit, with really outrageously pointy shoulders.

She seems to have gotten herself some ice cream.]

4. [An intense battle! It's a tough, difficult fight the enemies of the day, with neither side giving up an inch-when a pillar of blue light appears. It fades, revealing an elf.]

I cannot allow this to go on any longer.

[Reinforcements have arrived.]
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Ha ha! Where did you pick up this outfit Nagisa? It looks ridiculous!

[Look who's talking.]
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This is for protection? You sure you're not being the butt of a joke?
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Saved... with gifts of really, really skimpy clothing?
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Alright, that sounds more like my kind of saving!

I'm sure we can trust her.
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[The building is attacked by robot ninjas! And it's defended by this hulking guy. Is he a robot himself, or just wearing power armor? Hard to say.]

Thanks, stranger.

[He fires a heavy shotgun point blank at an attacker that just leapt at him.]

...You look a bit elvish.
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Cthulhu wolf?

[He uses the momentarily break to... look perplexed, apparently. At least that's the impression; emotions are hard to read when you have no face to speak of.]

You don't look much like either.
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A wolf is a wolf. Cthulhu...

[Suddenly he turns around, instantly draws a really big revolver, and repeatedly slams its hammer with his free hand! A robot ninja that was about to sneak up on them falls down, riddled with holes.]

...I'll explain Cthulhu later. It's kinda dangerous here.
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Yes. There are people holed up here. They hired me to defend them, and I won't let them down.

[He spins the gun's cylinder, ejecting the empty cases and replacing them quickly with new bullets.]

...At least I assume they hired me.