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For SRWU, shipping wars

1-[A new ally has arrived on base, and is wandering around on her own. Mostly this means watching training exercises, or evaluating robots.]

So this is the unity, yes. They'll serve me well.
2-[You're going out for food with the new girl, either because you agreed to, you lost a bet, or you heard whispers of the nightmare that unfolds. For now though, she is just ordering.]

...We'll have...let's see...The steak platter-medium rare-the sausage platter, the stew, two loaves of bread, and...whatever your best beer is, three pints of that.
[She folds her menu and looks across the table.]
So? What are you going to order?
3. [You're up late, for whatever reason-well past when most people have gone to bed. And as your desire for a 3AM snack, or rampant paranoia, or just plain insomnia guides you around the base, you stumble across Bismarck in her nightgown, with a cup of cider.]

...Again with that dream...

4. [On the wine-dark seas-a battle! Bismarck and yourself are present, along with Royal navy cruisers, facing off against the Abyssal Fleet. The mysterious enemy force has come out in strength, with bus-sized destroyers, semi-humanoid light cruisers, a light carrier and...something else facing off against the forces of man. Shells are already flying, and the small enemy attack drones swarm the allied fleet-and despite their small size, inflict some serious damage!]


[Bismarck's own cannons ring out, blowing two destroyers to kingdom come.]
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"Eeeh? All of that just for one meal?" Sumika's tray is raised like a protective anti-glutton shield.

"I only wanted normal curry..."
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"Aren't you... you know..." She fidgets.
"Afraid of eating too much?"
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"Watching your weight is important!" Sumika states proudly and then she gets distracted by the show.

"Ha ha! What's this, what's this? You're so tiny!"
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[Kei is just silently looking on as Bismarck orders the insane pile of food.]

...I just wanted that parfait they displayed in the window.
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Re: 2

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It's fine...And it is a big one anyway.
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Re: 2

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Izuru is the leader. I'm mission control.

[For her part, Kei starts digging into the parfait.]
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Re: 2

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He's done a fine job and Commander Simon chose him for a reason.

He's just more about inspiration and providing leadership than making plans, but that's the leader's job as well.
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Grimlock... want know... who tiny woman is. And why think... anyone will serve her.

[Bismarck would find the large shape of a rather irritable looking cybertronian regarding her.]
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Me Grimlock not impressed. Tiny woman talk big. Talk lots. Not prove anything.

[Physically and figuratively looking down on her, had Grimlock a mouth he would be scowling at her.]

If you strong. You prove it. Serve yourself first. Prove not weak.