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Jun. 6th, 2012 03:27 am
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[On-Ship, at a forge in the city.]

The city is generally a quiet place overall, but today, there is a persistent noise - the repeated clang of metal, interrupted periodically with the steaming hiss of hot metal meeting water. Trace it to its source, and you'll find a slightly older woman there. Her messy auburn hair is pulled into a rough ponytail, and her face carries an appearance of weary experience. One who's skilled at reading body language might be able to tell that something's got her annoyed with how she's moving stiffly, and the way she hammers out the blade she's working on.

Shall you investigate?

[Combat, on a mission gone wrong.]

There's a clang and a screech as a blade is drawn against metal armor, and by all sights, the person clad in it has been pushed back into a corner. She swings a pair of maces heavily, trying to knock the two attackers back - and she manages, but they are not deterred. The masked woman doesn't seem to be worried, though. She glances in front of her - the only ones in front of her are the attackers. Good. She steadies herself against the wall, and draws a breath before speaking...nay, shouting at them.


The resonance of her voice is incredibly loud and unnatural - it echoes within the structure, and a translucent blue wave erupts in front of her, forcing her attackers backwards and off their feet.
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Presea found herself, for the first time in a long while, feeling uncertain about her life and her future. She was completely grateful to Stacy, once things had been explained, and in fact she occasionally paused as she wandered the corridors to pat the wall affectionately. It was reassuring to know that their vessel was alive -- it was something like the giant flying fish of her homeworld, although she'd never heard of anyone riding inside one of them.

She had been uncharacteristically quiet since she had woken, trying to take everything in. And then, instead of immediately seeking company or making friends, she'd gone wandering, alone with her thoughts and the soft pulse of the ship. She hadn't met anyone yet that she could admit this to, but she just wasn't quite sure how much help she was going to be towards the missions ahead. She was fairly competent with weapons, but the people here seemed to use all kind of weaponry she'd never seen before. Did they need a blacksmith? Did they have one already?

She was not too old to adapt to another trade, if she had to, but it made her wonder why she had been chosen, among all of the people she had known on Cephiro. She would never offer the Knights' service without their permission, but wouldn't they be more qualified? Or Cail Lantis, or Guru Clef?

She was here. There had to be a reason for it, and she would find out why. It was with this mixture of worry and determination that she walked the halls, lost in thought.


Presea was perhaps a little frustrated. More than a little frustrated. It had been a bad week, and this individual was not helping.

"I promise you," she said, eyes dark, "that if you touch me again, there will be punishment." She leaned back, resting her hands on her hips, feet planted. The scowl on her face didn't last very long, however. As she continued speaking, her gaze went dreamy, amused.

"What should I do? I could hang you up by your toes! I could record your singing in the shower and show the whole ship! I could boil you in oil!"

By this point, she had reached a frightening grin. "Just try me."


Presea was happy. She was practically glowing, in fact. There was nothing better to her than the opportunity to do what she was good at, and she was going to take it. She could practically feel the press of her circlet against her forehead again, the way that sweat collected around it in the heat of the forge.

She hummed to herself as she lifted the weapon she was repairing, holding it out in a basic attack stance. She sighted down the sword to check the balance, and made a couple of nice practice swings. Despite the heaviness of the blade, she wielded it with ease, if not comfort. This was a bigger sword than she preferred, but she wasn't fixing it for herself, after all.

"There! Good as new," she said, beaming.