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*Man, there sure were a lot of human enemies you had to deal with to get here! But at least, the anemoi stores are -- hey, who's that woman gathering all of them?*

Ho ho! You're not as incompetant as you look! I suppose it was a bit much to hope they could hold you off long enough. I suppose you want these little baubles, hmm? I'm afraid you're too late for that.


*You managed to beat her to the loot, a neat looking artifact, and she does NOT look happy.*

Ch'. It would seem I was too late to beat you to it. I cannot let you keep that, however. Far too much is at stake.


*Yeah, you've had some nasty run-ins with her. Mostly her getting in the way, weird little schemes, and so on, and so on. But lately you've been dealing with someone a lot more dangerous than her. So you might be surprised when her face shows up on your videophone, and...*

Parley, if you will. I wish to form an alliance. Temporarily, of course.
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*The pair of you have been giving the goody-two-shoes in Sirocco a run for their money. Say what you will about Misery, for someone forced to do what she does, she's dedicated to her job.*

My Lord. I've helped throw chaos into their ranks as you have commanded, but a few of them seem determined still to resist. Shall I send our forces to take them out, or shall I handle the situation personally?


*Gee, and you were making such good progress too. Guess who's just shown up. Hint: Bluh bluh.*

And here I thought you were a bunch of bumblers. I must admit you've done better than I expected! Unfortunately, my Lord is already on his way to his goal. Still, I suppose I have some time to play with you all.


*So the fight is over, she'd disappeared for a while with her master -- and then reappeared in the same state as everybody else. Needless to say, she hasn't exactly had a cordial welcome, and she's already pretty defensive when you come to visit her.*

Let me guess. More statements about how you're keeping an eye on me, how little you trust me, etc. etc.? You all must enjoy taunting the amnesiac villain. Make it quick. I was enjoying my brief time alone, and I would like to return to it, if you please.