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[1: Eye of the Monkey]
[There's a bitty monkey running through town with a (sadly, not size-changing) staff, making poses out of one of those bad kung fu movies and swinging it around. He's seen a few people use these things before and he wants to be just like them because he thinks they are the awesomest things to ever awesome ever.

For a normal kid this would be harmless fun with only a few people being whacked by accident.

Yeeeeah, this is Goku. He has super strength. And though he doesn't mean it he's making cracks in walls when he hits things and shouting 'Sorry Mister!' when people come out to yell at him and then running off isn't going to help matters.]

[2: The Overused Meme]
[Since arriving in Midgard there have been a few missions up on the space station Valhalla. For one reason or another Goku winds up left behind. He has since discovered books about space and it's the latest thing he's latched on to.

Naturally when he discovers there's another mission to Valhalla coming up, he hunts down the first person he knows going on it, blocks their way, gives them the saddest puppy eyes he can manage (Nataku taught him well), and says:]

Can I go to space with you guys? Pleeeeeeeeease? I wanna go to spaaaaace!

[3: Inevitable Food Fight. As In Fighting Over Food]

[So you were at a feast just enjoying a good meal when you try to grab a meatbun.

It doesn't move. There is a child who has latched onto the meatbun and is intent on eating it. He looks like he will fight you for it despite it being part of a pile easily taller than him.

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'The end of the world, the apocalypse, Armaggedon, Ragnorok, Gotterdamerung, whatever you want to call it. For most people the thought of these turns of phrase conjure to life the image of fire and brimstone, meteors crashing down, epic battles to the death, and the hope that things will have a reset button once all is said and done. Desolate wastelands sparsely populated with the last dregs of humanity are what others expect to see when the world finally begins to close up shop. Further people think of the heat death of the universe, stars winking out one by one as cold sets in and everything, even on the subatomic level, becomes still in an eternal stretch from which no life has a chance to spark ever again.

For me? I've lived under the constant knowledge that if the world ends anytime soon, it would most likely be because a stubborn high school boy didn't get his way.

Imagine my surprise upon waking up in a weird bed unable to move only to find a note about people hoping to be happy here. Is this Haruki's doing, too? Or something else? And just why, if the world has ended, am I the only one saved?'

[And with these thoughts in mind, Kyonko wanders the levels of the tower, cautious, hand constantly running along the collar tight against her neck, hoping against hope to see something or someone familiar in this place.]

[Floor 10]
'Physics decided to screw itself over, didn't it?'

That's all Kyonko could really say as she outright gawked at the orca that swam in the tunnel of water she was walking through. Seriously, how did all the water stay up and in when there was no glass?! Kyonko could reach out and touch the water if she wanted, feel the clownfish nip at her fingers and grab onto some of the coral and pull it out if she wanted to. What was up with this place?

Terminal; Text

Is anyone else feeling queasy lately?

[Someone hasn't been eating her oatmeal in the mornings. Queasy is an understatement to how she feels.]

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[1: Arturia Pendragon and the Holy Grail]
Arturia is on a quest for Anemoi in the deep woods, Excalibur at her side and a growing sense of urgency as she searches. She has with her many allies, but one in particular is getting to her with a very peculiar habit of theirs. t says something about Arturia's patience that it takes well over a few hours before she turns to that person [the replying character] and asks in a tense yet polite tone:

"Why are you following me and clapping coconut halves together?"

Seriously, the argument about fighting with fresh fruit versus pointy sticks right before they set out was a lot more bearable than this.

[2: My Little Servant: Networking is Magic]


[Arturia looks very annoyed as the video feed begins. Behind her is the restaurant she frequented regularly, known for having some of the best food in all of Sirocco. It's also known as Arturia's favorite restaurant and where she could easily be found when she wasn't busy working.

There is now a very prominent 'Out of Business' sign across the double doors leading into it.

Heads are going to roll.

Despite how annoyed she looks, her voice is very cool and collected as she speaks.]

Who is responsible for this travesty? This establishment was getting a good deal of business from myself and others. There was no need for it to shut its doors and I demand answers if not the immediate reopening of this business!

[3: The Obligatory Shounen-style Fight Sequence]

[It could be a friendly duel, a training session, a misunderstanding, or a befriending. It doesn't matter what the reason is. You are now in a fight with one (1) Arturia Pendragon AKA King Arthur AKA Servant Saber.

Her might with a sword is almost at Dragonball levels. Do you really think you can stand a chance?]