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Way too long in the making

[One of the training fields outside Fort Alhambra has been claimed by Yeong as she goes through what appears to be one of the ridiculous obstacle courses from a shounen manga. Or at least as close to it as she can get without actually being allowed things like live crocodiles, explosives or crocodiles. What's more baffling is that the pretty ordinary looking girl just cleared a jump way larger than most athletes would be able to. While wearing a heavy backpack.]


[At some kind of formal dinner, Yeong is sitting as far towards the back of the room as possible absentmindedly poking at her food instead of eating. She's absentmindedly looking towards the table of honor near the center.]

I wonder if Hye's okay...


[Yeong's found her way into the hangar and is practically bouncing between robots, impressed by all the more distinctive and unique one. Mass produced units aren't spared more than a glance as she tries to find the one of a kind ones.]

And that one was the one that protected that civilian shuttle from aliens off Mars!

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