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1. [Doing some paperwork? Fixing a robot? Maybe paying a visit to the loo?

Whatever it is you are doing, you might (or might not) be surprised that there is someone watching you intently, and she isn't even being sneaky about it. She's also a new addition to the Unity Group.]


[Maybe it's getting uncomfortable for you. But it doesn't look like she's leaving anytime soon.]

2. [This is a moment that requires undivided attention on Fyra's part, and that means trying to eat some ramen with chopsticks.]


[Only, she has each stick held in a different hand and is trying to poke her way through her meal, with little success.

You may have heard that as a machine, she actually does not require food. So why is she even bothering?]

3. [A terrible event has just passed. You're under the weight of it, and you're taking some time to cool down or let it out, when suddenly...]

...How does it feel?


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What are you doing? You intend to finish your ramen this week, don't you?
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You're doing it wrong! Is this your first time using chopsticks?
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What? Seriously?!

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Agh... now, listen here.

[Must be a foreigner. A very foreign (or thick) one. Definitely not a humanoid robot or anything like that.]

The thing is, you hold these both together in one hand like this, and try to grab the food between the chopsticks. Got it?
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We'll be here forever, huh... look, it's not that hard.

[Chris snaps her own chopsticks deftly, and grabs a strand of the ramen noodle...

Which promptly escapes the grasp and messily plops down on the table.]

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[Wordlessly, Chris puts a plastic spork on the table.]

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Who else? There's just us two at the table and I am not eating anything. It's better than making a mess everywhere, alright?
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[Charlotte has gotten the blood cleaned off, but she's just sort of picking at her dinner.]
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...I don't really get what you mean...

...When you lose a precious thing, or a friend moves's something like that. But much, much worse.
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That's... [A little much for Charlotte to deal with right now.]

...The feeling from today...It's like having a fork stabbed into your heart, and twisted around. It's a feeling of powerlessness, guilt...and thinking about it makes the fork twist a bit more.

Does that answer your question?
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Um, if that's the case, then...Try to be patient with people, and listen to them. Just having someone to talk to can help...