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One last hurrah for SRW Uni


[There's some fancy galah goin on.  Big-wigs from all over the ESUN are attending be they from the corporate sector, military, politicians, whatever.  Formal dressware is also the norm for pretty much everyone, but one exception-]

Look, no.  I'm not leaving and I'm not changing!

[There's some teenager there arguing with one of the hosts.  Seems the people holding this event aren't happy about someone showing up in a t-shirt, jeans, and a jacket, identification be damned.]

I'm not here to rub elbows, I'm here to friggin' protect my boss!  These are my work clothes and if you've gotta problem with it, take it up with Mr. Dotrice!


[It's a late night on the town.  Hardly anyone is around, but when Roy spots a lumpy bundle of blankets huddled up on some stairs across the street-]

Hey, can you wait like... five, ten minutes?

I gotta do something.

[And said something is just go sprinting right back the way you both came, down a block and around a bend.  Several minutes pass before he returns with a bag in hand, to go across the street and hand it over to the person underneath those blankets along with a business card.  He returns with a bagel and coffee in hand]

Okay, the dude didn't like raisins or non-decaffe, but that's why you get backups.  Want 'em?


It's... beautiful...

[Here stands Roy, looking through a store window, leaning up against the window, stroking the window... at a trashed electric guitar being sold for $5.]

Just think how awesome it could be!

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[One of those big-wigs is apparently a teenage girl, and she's walking over to see what all the commotion is about.

Or at least that's what it looks like at first. Within a few seconds, Roy can clearly see that the girl is paying off the man harassing the poor bodyguard. Her piercing red eyes seem to glow for a moment as she hands over the tidy amount of cash to the man. Once he leaves the girl turns her gaze onto Roy.]

Now then...that will be 10,000 credits please.

[She extends her hand out. Wait, is she expecting you to pay her back?]
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Well that's hardly fair, what kind of man rejects a maiden's request?
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If I hadn't done what I did you'd be outside right now with those dirty, dusty, old rags you're wearing, after being kicked out and horribly embarrassing both you and your boss. That's not putting him first!

And 10,000 is a steal compared to how much it'd take to get you cleaned up prim and proper for this event.


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Really? You'd think homeless guys would be less picky than that.
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Hmm, good point. So you're just helping him out of the goodness of your heart or something like that?
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Yeah. Hunger sucks. Having no roof over your head sucks too.

There's a lot more homeless people around the world, you know. You going to help every single one of them?
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[Fyra just stands there, not entirely sure what it is that Roy sees.

And then she mimics what he's doing anyway.]
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[Fyra shakes her head.

She looks back at the guitar, then at Roy, still clueless on what to do. Was that not the right reaction to this?]
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[Samantha's definitely enjoying watching this, though it's not like she's doing anything to help.]

You've got a habit of doing that, don't you? It must get rather troublesome sometimes, though.

And I'll have to pass, I don't eat.
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...Yes, they would be, wouldn't they.

[Samantha is quiet for a while before speaking again. Seems Roy takes this much more seriously than she expected.]

...You didn't swear off the whole effort after that incident?
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[Cue Samantha getting all up in Roy's face.]

Say, you're single, aren't you? No girlfriend, wife, or fiancee? Not even a hugging pillow, right?
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Aw, how sweet! Protecting the man you loo-admire. Admire deeply. It's so cute, it almost melts my heart!

Still, if you ever decide to turn back from your bachelor ways, I know juuuuuuuust the girl for you.