Jun. 3rd, 2015

pulledplug: (Dude just lay off)
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[There's some fancy galah goin on.  Big-wigs from all over the ESUN are attending be they from the corporate sector, military, politicians, whatever.  Formal dressware is also the norm for pretty much everyone, but one exception-]

Look, no.  I'm not leaving and I'm not changing!

[There's some teenager there arguing with one of the hosts.  Seems the people holding this event aren't happy about someone showing up in a t-shirt, jeans, and a jacket, identification be damned.]

I'm not here to rub elbows, I'm here to friggin' protect my boss!  These are my work clothes and if you've gotta problem with it, take it up with Mr. Dotrice!


[It's a late night on the town.  Hardly anyone is around, but when Roy spots a lumpy bundle of blankets huddled up on some stairs across the street-]

Hey, can you wait like... five, ten minutes?

I gotta do something.

[And said something is just go sprinting right back the way you both came, down a block and around a bend.  Several minutes pass before he returns with a bag in hand, to go across the street and hand it over to the person underneath those blankets along with a business card.  He returns with a bagel and coffee in hand]

Okay, the dude didn't like raisins or non-decaffe, but that's why you get backups.  Want 'em?


It's... beautiful...

[Here stands Roy, looking through a store window, leaning up against the window, stroking the window... at a trashed electric guitar being sold for $5.]

Just think how awesome it could be!