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Final OC Swarm gooooo


[On what should have been a quiet day in Fort Alhambra, a swarm of small pets has somehow been unleashed upon the unsuspecting base and are now running wild all over it. Somehow you've been hired to help her recapture them.]

I'm really sorry about this...I don't even know how they all escaped.


[After a particularly disastrous deployment Rani is studying combat logs from prior Unity Group missions, from the bags underneath her eyes it's clear that she's been at this for several hours now.]

There are so many enemies....how are we supposed to be prepared for all of them...


[Something bad has just happened in the middle of a battle and Rani has charged into the middle of a massive swarm of enemies in response. ]

Y...you...I'll kill all of you!

[Her T-Link Rippers whirl out with a green glow and then fly through the enemies, ripping apart anything that stood in front of it. Rani herself has pulled out every weapon she could and began to unload every last bullet she had left. She does not seem to have any regard for her own safety and is recklessly continuing to push forward and soon enough she's completely surrounded. ]

I'm not going down until I take you all with me!

[She points her machinegun at the enemies again and then -click- she was out of ammo.]

Not like this...

[This looks pretty bad...]

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Not yet Rani! Come on, get a grip!

[Pew, pew - enemies on the flank are too focused on the Gespenst, which means they can't defend themselves too well as plasma beams fire all over them.]

We need to get out of here! ... We need a plan!
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Yes! But there are better ways than charging head on!

[Split missiles, fire! The micro projectiles rain down - not on enemies, but on the cliff formation above them, causing a rockslide to disrupt their ranks, unless they prefer being crushed!]

You'll just... you'll just get killed too!
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No! Think about it Rani!

[More firing at the rocks - Bryanne deploys the rectangular launcher for this task. The falling rocks form an obstacle, a barrier that makes it very hard for the two to reach the enemies...]
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Preventing you from getting killed! And...

Channeling the enemies. Their escape routes are blocked, and unless they want to break through ranks and ranks of our allies, which'd be even more reckless than you just now...

[Brye glances at her display, showing a map of the surrounding area.]

I'm sure this is the only path they can take. Which means we can flank 'em.
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Then there's no time to lose. Let's go!
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Hey, we're still doing it, right? We can't just let the baddies get away!

So it's not stopping.

I'd say it's more like... directing.
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I have no idea...Maybe somebody forgot to close the cages properly after feeding them. All of them.
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Nah, they're cute. And this base is pretty gloomy so they helped make it feel nicer. We just need to catch them and prevent them from running away again.
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Yes, it's great. We're totally free here!...At least as long as we aren't acting like jerks.
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Okay, I'll try to catch them. Give me a second...Once I figure out a way to that other side.
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[Yeong just moves over to deliver a single, swift kick to the grate to kick it out to the other side. Then she unceremoniously starts wriggling through, apparently not concerned with her fancy designer outfit getting dirty in the process.]

...Really tight. Um, can you try to give me a push to see if that helps?
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Got it.

[If Yeong is particularly concerned with how ridiculous it was, she isn't showing and with a good push she easily goes through. From there it's just a few quick steps and a quick movement of her arm before she's holding one of the escaped pets.]

So...How are we gonna get all of them? There are a lot and we only have four hands.
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Probably...But we've gotten this far. Maybe we can find a cage somewhere?
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Sure. It'll be good training...Just not sure how many I can carry at a time. [She's not stopping her chasing down the fuzzy animals just to talk, her hand darting out to grab another one.]
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Yes. But the animals ran that way. [She gestures in one direction with her elbow, still only carrying the two pets she picked up, quickly moving over to put them in one of the cages.] I didn't think I should grab more, they'd be pretty hard to hold without hurting them.
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You don't. All you can do is put everything into it.
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You don't think about it until it happens.

At least I don't.
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You aren't in a fight right now, going up against an enemy. That moment makes the biggest difference.

Going on like this is just going to hurt you.
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How do you know when it's enough, then?

I'm not saying not to try anything at all, but there will always be something you can't prepare for.
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I think it's the fear of what you know that should be considered now.

[She points at those bags under Rani's eyes.]

...Like not getting enough sleep.
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You make it sound like the same plan doesn't work for most of 'em.
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Well yeah, but if we just don't do anythin', then only thing you're gonna be able to expect and be right about is losing.

The big, fancy crazy stuff with dudes making deals over a table, that's for other guys who know what they're doin'.