1.*You're doing your day-to-day chores, when suddenly..."

All clues... lead this way! You're the key witness to solve this case now!

Have you heard or seen anything about the missing crates? Quick, before the culprit escapes! You're our only hope of solving this...

Case of the Disappearing Desserts!

This is it, we're making it or breaking it now, The fate of Unity Group's monthly pudding allowance is in our hand!


*You see Hikari is queuing in a bus stop when suddenly someone cut the line.*

Hey, don't cut the line! Just because you're an adult that doesn't mean you can do that!


A swarm of harpy-looking creatures blot the sky, and in front of you is a towering half-man half-bull giant, as big as a hill, wielding a hammer as big as most mech.

"I am Lacujiurina, Beast of the Starmind" It introduces itself.

The massive giant tank standing opposite of it responds in kind.

"I am Bahamut Metalia, Bolo of the Line."

And as the massive beasts charges forward, the giant land battleship revs its engines and advances, its hellbore cannons light up with plasma charge.

"AND NOW YOU DIE" They both say together.

For SRWU, shipping wars

1-[A new ally has arrived on base, and is wandering around on her own. Mostly this means watching training exercises, or evaluating robots.]

So this is the unity group...hm, yes. They'll serve me well.
2-[You're going out for food with the new girl, either because you agreed to, you lost a bet, or you heard whispers of the nightmare that unfolds. For now though, she is just ordering.]

...We'll have...let's see...The steak platter-medium rare-the sausage platter, the stew, two loaves of bread, and...whatever your best beer is, three pints of that.
[She folds her menu and looks across the table.]
So? What are you going to order?
3. [You're up late, for whatever reason-well past when most people have gone to bed. And as your desire for a 3AM snack, or rampant paranoia, or just plain insomnia guides you around the base, you stumble across Bismarck in her nightgown, with a cup of cider.]

...Again with that dream...

4. [On the wine-dark seas-a battle! Bismarck and yourself are present, along with Royal navy cruisers, facing off against the Abyssal Fleet. The mysterious enemy force has come out in strength, with bus-sized destroyers, semi-humanoid light cruisers, a light carrier and...something else facing off against the forces of man. Shells are already flying, and the small enemy attack drones swarm the allied fleet-and despite their small size, inflict some serious damage!]


[Bismarck's own cannons ring out, blowing two destroyers to kingdom come.]
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Final OC Swarm gooooo


[On what should have been a quiet day in Fort Alhambra, a swarm of small pets has somehow been unleashed upon the unsuspecting base and are now running wild all over it. Somehow you've been hired to help her recapture them.]

I'm really sorry about this...I don't even know how they all escaped.


[After a particularly disastrous deployment Rani is studying combat logs from prior Unity Group missions, from the bags underneath her eyes it's clear that she's been at this for several hours now.]

There are so many enemies....how are we supposed to be prepared for all of them...


[Something bad has just happened in the middle of a battle and Rani has charged into the middle of a massive swarm of enemies in response. ]

Y...you...I'll kill all of you!

[Her T-Link Rippers whirl out with a green glow and then fly through the enemies, ripping apart anything that stood in front of it. Rani herself has pulled out every weapon she could and began to unload every last bullet she had left. She does not seem to have any regard for her own safety and is recklessly continuing to push forward and soon enough she's completely surrounded. ]

I'm not going down until I take you all with me!

[She points her machinegun at the enemies again and then -click- she was out of ammo.]

Not like this...

[This looks pretty bad...]

Way too long in the making

[One of the training fields outside Fort Alhambra has been claimed by Yeong as she goes through what appears to be one of the ridiculous obstacle courses from a shounen manga. Or at least as close to it as she can get without actually being allowed things like live crocodiles, explosives or crocodiles. What's more baffling is that the pretty ordinary looking girl just cleared a jump way larger than most athletes would be able to. While wearing a heavy backpack.]


[At some kind of formal dinner, Yeong is sitting as far towards the back of the room as possible absentmindedly poking at her food instead of eating. She's absentmindedly looking towards the table of honor near the center.]

I wonder if Hye's okay...


[Yeong's found her way into the hangar and is practically bouncing between robots, impressed by all the more distinctive and unique one. Mass produced units aren't spared more than a glance as she tries to find the one of a kind ones.]

And that one was the one that protected that civilian shuttle from aliens off Mars!

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And Cubey's final SRWU OC is...

Hmm hmm. What's this? I swear that store wasn't there yesterday!

[Brye's on a shopping trip, and you're either there as company/bad habit enabling, or as a pack mule. In latter's case, you get slowly weighted down as she keeps buying things...]

Come on, let's check it out!

Okay, how to put it so there's no misunderstanding. Let me try, here goes.

[Bryanne is talking to a jerk - some kind of horrible person, high profile or not, doesn't matter. Maybe you're the jerk.]

You're a jerk, you know that.

You're just throwing your weight around like some kind of sandbox bully. But it's not preschool anymore, even if you mentally belong in one.

[Consequences or apparent threat level of the other person make no difference here.]

Come on... just a little bit closer... just a little more...

[It's a battle, and Brye's Gespenst TT is currently running away from the enemies, juking and dodging wildly to evade their attacks.]


There! I have you now!

[But as it passes over a suspicious patch of ground, and the enemies follow - suddenly smoke bombs hidden underneath explode! And they fire more than just smoke... the enemies find their sensors blocked by sticky blobs of tar. Here comes the T-Link Rippers to finish them off!


And some of the foes still survive, and fire back quite furiously.]

A, haha... help?

Test Run for SRWU


[The Noted roboticist, Dr. Thomas Light, has affiliated Light Labs with Unity Group, offering his services and expertise in the field of robotics to help them in their mission to protect the planet. He's also lending them the occasional aid of his lab assistant, the domestic helper robot DLN-001: Rock Light, to help the mechanics with mech repairs part time when he isn't help Dr. Light with his work.

The boy introducing himself to you however, doesn't look much like a mechanic. It looks like a young boy somewhere in the age range of 12-14 and maybe a little short for that. He's dressed in a blue hoodie with the Light Labs insignia on the right side of his chest and and blue shorts with sneakers.

He bows politely in the Japanese fashion and smiles brightly at you.] Hello, I'm Rock Light, Dr. Light's assistant. It's very nice to meet you.


[Post Becoming Megaman, and after a mission, it seems Rock is one of the things that needs repairing this time. This is usually something Dr. Light would handle, but he wasn't the only Lightbot to get damaged, so the good Doctor has his hands full with Cutman. He's not surprised by that since Cutman's not very good about holding still. Either way, one of the other mechanics might have to help, or he could just wait until Dr. Light is done and can attend to him.]

Eheh, I guess I should be more careful...


[Since Rock was originally built to be a lab assistant to a roboticist, ultimately he'd always be at his happiest fiddling with technology. Right now he's helping with post mission repairs like he'd originally assigned to do before the whole Megaman thing happened. Standing on a ladder, reaching inside an open panel to repair the wiring in someone's mech.]

Hmmm.... If I could just... ah, that should do it!
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One last hurrah for SRW Uni


[There's some fancy galah goin on.  Big-wigs from all over the ESUN are attending be they from the corporate sector, military, politicians, whatever.  Formal dressware is also the norm for pretty much everyone, but one exception-]

Look, no.  I'm not leaving and I'm not changing!

[There's some teenager there arguing with one of the hosts.  Seems the people holding this event aren't happy about someone showing up in a t-shirt, jeans, and a jacket, identification be damned.]

I'm not here to rub elbows, I'm here to friggin' protect my boss!  These are my work clothes and if you've gotta problem with it, take it up with Mr. Dotrice!


[It's a late night on the town.  Hardly anyone is around, but when Roy spots a lumpy bundle of blankets huddled up on some stairs across the street-]

Hey, can you wait like... five, ten minutes?

I gotta do something.

[And said something is just go sprinting right back the way you both came, down a block and around a bend.  Several minutes pass before he returns with a bag in hand, to go across the street and hand it over to the person underneath those blankets along with a business card.  He returns with a bagel and coffee in hand]

Okay, the dude didn't like raisins or non-decaffe, but that's why you get backups.  Want 'em?


It's... beautiful...

[Here stands Roy, looking through a store window, leaning up against the window, stroking the window... at a trashed electric guitar being sold for $5.]

Just think how awesome it could be!


1. [Doing some paperwork? Fixing a robot? Maybe paying a visit to the loo?

Whatever it is you are doing, you might (or might not) be surprised that there is someone watching you intently, and she isn't even being sneaky about it. She's also a new addition to the Unity Group.]


[Maybe it's getting uncomfortable for you. But it doesn't look like she's leaving anytime soon.]

2. [This is a moment that requires undivided attention on Fyra's part, and that means trying to eat some ramen with chopsticks.]


[Only, she has each stick held in a different hand and is trying to poke her way through her meal, with little success.

You may have heard that as a machine, she actually does not require food. So why is she even bothering?]

3. [A terrible event has just passed. You're under the weight of it, and you're taking some time to cool down or let it out, when suddenly...]

...How does it feel?
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Daily Lives of Gunslinging Cyborgs

1. [Daniel is a mercenary. He takes jobs for a living. He doesn't do anything morally objectionable, but silly or strange tasks are a different matter entirely. Even if they make him blink an eye. Figuratively speaking.]

You want me to do... what, exactly?

2. [Shooting range. The very tall cyborg is focused, his hand hovering over his holstered gun while the other one is about to press the near console's GO button and start the course... But suddenly, his head turns towards you.]

Do you want to practice with me?

[There's something suspicious about this course. The targets aren't even visible yet.]

3. [Everyone needs to relax after a day of hard work. Daniel sits down in a comfy chair (which creaks in protest, considering how big and heavy he is), opens a bag of potato chips (how is he going to eat them?) and turns on the TV. What appears on the screen is a cheesy, ancient black and white western - one of those where the protagonist and villain actually wear white and black hats respectively. Only after a moment Daniel notices your presence.]


Don't worry, it isn't Senran Kagura - SRWU OC Testrun

1. [As you enter the hangar, there is a young woman staring at the unique machines there. Her expression shifts rapidly from that of excitement to disbelief while she moves around.]


"I've heard of the Unity Group being well armed; but this is..."

[She shakes her head.]

"No...it must be the effect of laying eyes on this for the first time.

"I wonder...which ones are really technological, and which ones are...harder to explain?"


2. [You're walking around in a city when some loud crashes are heard. Investigating it reveals that the source of the commotion are a number of questionable-looking people now sprawled out across a sidewalk in front of a store. They are either unconscious or barely so, and the ones in the latter condition are grunting in pain. The store's windows are broken, and there are even handguns and knives scattered on the ground now.

Moments later, Elys, carrying a parasol, steps out of the store and casually shuts the door behind her. She waves when she spots you.]

"Oh, good evening.

"I didn't expect to see you here. How has your day been?"


3. [Time for a friendly, trivial game, like cards or chess. Or rather, it's supposed to be for fun...and you're even close to winning...but...]

"I would rather die than lose here..."

[Surprisingly, Elys is taking this seriously. Maybe too seriously, because her usual cool is gone. And when you do take the win...]


[Well, she goes silent, and looks like she's going to cry.]

Testrun for SRWU–Alexis and Sasha Kaidonovsky from Pacific Rim


Somewhere off the Siberian coast, surrounded by gusts of snow that make visibility next to nothing, your mech's audio sensors pick up sounds to the north: the whirring of pistons, the thunk of steel against flesh, and a rumbling snarl of rage undercut by a brassy foghorn noise. Charging towards the noises, you stumble across a steel giant with a nuclear cooling tower for a head, slamming its fist down on a one-eyed Kaiju with a dark-green carapace and a crocodile-like jaw that's clamped down on the Jaeger's other arm.

You pick up a stray crackle of transmission from the Jaeger, a gruff female voice echoed by a male one "-va! Tri! Chetyre! Pyat–!"

This must be Cherno Alpha, the oldest Jaeger still in the field! And those voice must be from its pilots, the infamous Kaidonovksys!

Do you assist them?


After a mission, you spot Alexis and Sasha Kaidonovsky striding across the hanger bay in matching fur-ruff jackets and golden skull rings, faces as expressionless and stern as Art Deco statues.

You make a noise. They stop turn, and stare at you. They don't say anything. They just keep starring...like wolves or something.

Do you stare back? Or try to break the very, very awkward silence?


You're eating at a cafeteria table. Alexis is sitting across from you, picking at the food on his tray.

Sudden he looks up at you. His thick eyebrows furrow. "Would you..." He says gruffly, pushing a plate across the table. "...like my pickle?"


You're eating at a cafeteria table. Sasha is sitting across from you, picking at the food on her tray.

Sudden she looks up at you. She raises an eyebrow. "Are you..." She says curtly, gesturing at your plate. "...going to eat that pickle?"

theodores quotes

non battle ones

1. greetings.
"Hello. My names Theodore, what's yours?"
"hows it going"

2. when answering questions.
"I'm ok, I just got a little, ow."
"It shoots, it cuts, and, and this is the important one. It flies."
"I'm not allowed to tell you how this machine works. apparently it's power supply is a company secret."
"The cat made me do it."
"the evil bird told me to do it."
"just between you, and me. That's my type."

random comments
"Aren't you mean."
"Oh look a big red button, maybe I should push it."
"Oh look a big red button, maybe you should push it."
"So, the first actual job I get, And it's a soldier."
"Bullet, bullet, bullet. tell me again what's the point of this aside from shooting non moving targets."

one word comments, greetings, and sarcasm.

mission/battle quotes

"wolf 1 here"
" so, how much pressure are we t-"

stronger opponent
" This might be an issue."

weaker opponent
"you need more training."

equal opponent
"it's almost as if im fighting myself"

"look a grunt..... no wait it's just some scrap."
"how many more do i need to fight?"

bad situations
" out of energy"
"mech damaged."
"I feel like swiss cheese, right before it got holy."

Spaghetti Western

1.(In a discrete alley somewhere in town, a girl spreads open her leather duster and shows some merchandises to you. It might be weapons, gold coins, or trading cards, whatever it is, she whispers in a conspiratory tone to you.)

Hey. Wanna buy some merchandises? 100% legit, I guarantee.


It's totally sad. I met this guy in the street. He has 10 kids and 15 cats. And he hasn't eaten in 3 days! Hey, may I borrow some money? We really should help him.

(Combat! It might be on foot, or on mech, but some unscrupolous people are chasing after Grace! Grace is running away, obviously)

Why me? Hey you, don't just stand there! Help me, please!
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It's not Fire Emblem, just an OC testrun for SRWU

I do not understand your people at all.

[Sielje addresses you either during a walk around town, or shortly after returning from one.]

Is Earth not a very dangerous place? Yet from the locals I saw so few carry any kind of weapon. How are they able to defend themselves when a foe attacks?

And all the beasts I encountered were pitiful and small. They seem to live alongside man completely tamed, are there no hunting grounds?

[2, aimed at mecha pilots - especially skilled ones in weak units or the other way around]
[As you try to leave or enter your unit's cockpit, there she is. A woman in a helmet and with a sword at her side, staring at your machine intently - and now, also at you.]


[Is that all you get for a comment?]

[Tactics are being talked about. Maybe it's a briefing, or some kind of lecture. Maybe it's just a discussion. Either way Sielje's time to contribute.]

What should be done? I will tell you what should be done.

[She stands up.]

Challenge the enemy head on. Engage from the front, or stand your ground but be clear about your intent. No hiding, no tricks.

That would be dishonorable.

[4 - combat prompt]


[The situation does not look good. The enemy is overpowering in strength or numbers or perhaps both.]

Alright. So be it.

Hear me! I am the knight Sielje, tha Guard of the South! I challenge you to a honorable duel. Beast or man, accept my challenge! You will not go past me!

[Oh crap she is walking forward right towards the most powerful of enemies, Sielje's mass-produced (or what counts as mass-produced for Ankaians) Knight's Arm having only a sword and a beast hide cloak to defend itself with.

It's a surprise her voice cracked and wavered only a little.]
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For SRW Uni if all goes well


[A battle has ended and there's a new face/faces at one of the bases... a former enemy who changed sides mid-battle, and in fact it's you!  Some may view you with suspicion, but there's one girl anxiously waiting for you with this huge grin on her face and a few bits of rice on her cheek from her hastily-consumed lunch.  No way was she going to let even food get in the way of greeting you!]

Hello!  It's great to see you off of the battlefield... I always knew whatever differences we had we'd be able to work through them!

If you never caught my name when we fought, it's Hibiki!  Hibiki Tachibana!


[It's music time!  Hibiki's got a huge stack of CDs she's just purchased, trying through each one of them and humming along with them.  There's some familiar tunes amongst them, including ones by Lynn Minmei and Tsubasa Kazanari too.  And when she notices you close by, off go the headphones and she offers them to you.]

Would you like to listen?   There's so many different styles being sung I'm sure you'd like one of them!


[Hibiki's far from being just a cute, friendly girl though.  In the midst of battle, she's right in the thick of it, smashing her way through machines that dwarf her and singing all the while.  Although...]


[There's a clear trend in how she's going about it though.  Limbs, cameras, weapons... even when a kick smashes into a Lion's midsection, it doesn't smash it concave and instead smacks it through a wall to disable it instead.  Yes, Hibiki is seeing to it that she spares the enemy pilots.]

Ain't no time like the 80's-For SRWU, Iczer-1

1. [There's a new girl on base! And how does she occupy her time here?]

[By kicking the snot out of a sandbag in the gym! For a generic highschooler, she sure loves working out!]



[For some reason, Nagisa is holding up an outfit-with a tiny miniskirt, of the "barely even there" variation.]

Wrestling outfits are one thing, but this...

3. [As you go about your daily business, who should you see wandering around town but an elf woman-wearing a pink, skintight bodysuit, with really outrageously pointy shoulders.

She seems to have gotten herself some ice cream.]

4. [An intense battle! It's a tough, difficult fight the enemies of the day, with neither side giving up an inch-when a pillar of blue light appears. It fades, revealing an elf.]

I cannot allow this to go on any longer.

[Reinforcements have arrived.]

General voice test


[The sounds and smells of food cooking drew you toward the kitchen, where you find Akame preparing dinner. By all appearances, it would seem she's actually a pretty good cook. The main theme of the meal seems to be big slabs of red meat.

She looks up as you come in.]

Oh. Hello. You can't eat it yet, it's not ready.


[While wandering the depths of the wilderness, you stumbled upon a small campsite at about the same time the owner returned to it with a basket of supplies she spent the day scavenging on her back. It's Akame, in the middle of her monthly survival training.]

You're very far from any towns. What are you doing out here?


[You were an awful enough person that the deadly assassination team Night Raid has sent one of their best agents to end you. Akame is not one for excessive chatter. There was no grandstanding or speeches, no dramatic posing or declarations of your crimes. At best, you got the faint sound of fabric rippling in the air before a sword traced a silvery arc through the night at your neck.

According to rumor, even the slightest wound from that sword will kill. Best move quickly.]
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(no subject)


[Earlier this morning, you were asked to show the new addition to the group around one of the bases. What you probably didn't expect was a small fourteen year old Asian girl with a distant expression and a tarantula the size of a fist clinging to her shoulder. If you've been following the teen magazines, the face will be undoubtedly familiar - this girl is a famous genmod idol with a lot of often rather creepy fans obsessing over her "aloof charm". The girl herself simply bows respectfully to you though.]

Hello. I'm Peni Parker. My aunt told me you would show me around.


[Peni is sitting down with you for lunch at some secluded place: a rooftop, a bridge, an empty park... She's been gloomy and untalkative all day, and even now she's barely eating, only taking the occasional absentminded bite out of her sandwich while she stares off into space and Sp//dr skitters up and down her arm.]

Hey... do you think people can really be heroes?


[There's some sort of emergency going on. A fire, a flood, the building's coming down... either way, there's a lot of innocent bystanders panicking around and crying for someone to do something.

And, surprisingly, after an instant of panic, notorious wallflower Peni Parker's expression hardens as she raises an arm slightly and her spider skitters to her hand and tenses. She starts shouting at people to follow her, but the panic is too great, so she turns to you]

We have to move quickly. He knows a way to safety. You have to help me get through to all these people, they won't listen!


[Whether its in a bookshop, out in town or at the public archives you find yourself encountering a man in a white longcoat, rigorously searching through large amounts of information. To say that there were piles of books close by were an understatement, more like a small mountain to which he is still adding to right now.]

So the last recorded incident was twenty years ago... but that doesn't make any sense... the timeframes don't match up...

[He sighs as he adds another book to the pile and pinches the bridge of his nose.]

Damnit. What am I missing...

[Its late at night. Of course for some people this doesn't seem to be a thing. Calvin is at a table surrounded by newspapers, books and several mugs of coffee... well... the remains of them anyway. Almost all the mugs were empty. What's more the investigator's eyes were a little bloodshot and his hands shaky as he dug through the information, head drooping every so often before he forced himself awake again.]

[He doesn't say anything, merely just letting out a miserable groan as he runs into yet another dead end in his investigation.]

[The good news is that there was finally a lead on the investigation that Calvin was handling. The bad news is that it was beyond anything anyone ever expected. There was no telling what it was. Only that it was a) Horrible, b) Possibly beyond human understanding and c)Quite possibly magic.]

[Calvin is currently screaming internally.]

Why does it always end up being magic?

[Said in a tone of ever suffering lament.]

[For one reason or another you find yourself needing to speak to Calvin. Rather than any of his usual haunts he seems to be staying in his room for the time being, so with no other recourse you head there. Opening the door you find him with his legs kicked up on a work table in a room that looked partly like a detective's office, partly like a studio apartment, and partly like either a witch doctor's hut or some kind of crazy paranormal expert's prep room. You could see all sorts of charms, protective doodads and exorcism tools all over the place.]

Hm. Hey. I've got some coffee on the boil over on the left, go ahead and grab some if you want and take a seat. And try not to smear the devil trap I put on the floor. It took a lot of work getting it there.

[Calvin doesn't look at you, his head deep in a book. And if you do look down you would indeed see a devil trap worked into the floor with great effort. Either someone is a little paranoid to the supernatural or he really really has a weird life.]

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General voice test


[The rule was laid down very firmly: "Under no circumstances, no matter what, even if it's a matter of life and death, are you ever, EVER to look into the maintenance closet after midnight. You'll probably get cursed or something."

As soon as all authority figures were out of earshot, however...]

So who's going to help me get into that closet tonight?


[Dipper always seems to have that book with him. The kind of beaten up old one with a hand on the cover. Heck he's reading it right now while everyone else is having fun.

Rather loud fun.]

Can you guys keep it down a bit? I'm trying to research something important but it's hard with everyone yelling in my ear!


[After a lot of ominous noises, Dipper comes bursting in through the door and slams it shut behind him, panting for breath.]

Hah...hah...Hi everyone. Nothing to worry about today! Just need some heavy objects to put in front of this door.

[There was the sound of some kind of animal roaring.]

Also don't look outside.