Jan. 15th, 2015

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I do not understand your people at all.

[Sielje addresses you either during a walk around town, or shortly after returning from one.]

Is Earth not a very dangerous place? Yet from the locals I saw so few carry any kind of weapon. How are they able to defend themselves when a foe attacks?

And all the beasts I encountered were pitiful and small. They seem to live alongside man completely tamed, are there no hunting grounds?

[2, aimed at mecha pilots - especially skilled ones in weak units or the other way around]
[As you try to leave or enter your unit's cockpit, there she is. A woman in a helmet and with a sword at her side, staring at your machine intently - and now, also at you.]


[Is that all you get for a comment?]

[Tactics are being talked about. Maybe it's a briefing, or some kind of lecture. Maybe it's just a discussion. Either way Sielje's time to contribute.]

What should be done? I will tell you what should be done.

[She stands up.]

Challenge the enemy head on. Engage from the front, or stand your ground but be clear about your intent. No hiding, no tricks.

That would be dishonorable.

[4 - combat prompt]


[The situation does not look good. The enemy is overpowering in strength or numbers or perhaps both.]

Alright. So be it.

Hear me! I am the knight Sielje, tha Guard of the South! I challenge you to a honorable duel. Beast or man, accept my challenge! You will not go past me!

[Oh crap she is walking forward right towards the most powerful of enemies, Sielje's mass-produced (or what counts as mass-produced for Ankaians) Knight's Arm having only a sword and a beast hide cloak to defend itself with.

It's a surprise her voice cracked and wavered only a little.]