Feb. 14th, 2015

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Somewhere off the Siberian coast, surrounded by gusts of snow that make visibility next to nothing, your mech's audio sensors pick up sounds to the north: the whirring of pistons, the thunk of steel against flesh, and a rumbling snarl of rage undercut by a brassy foghorn noise. Charging towards the noises, you stumble across a steel giant with a nuclear cooling tower for a head, slamming its fist down on a one-eyed Kaiju with a dark-green carapace and a crocodile-like jaw that's clamped down on the Jaeger's other arm.

You pick up a stray crackle of transmission from the Jaeger, a gruff female voice echoed by a male one "-va! Tri! Chetyre! Pyat–!"

This must be Cherno Alpha, the oldest Jaeger still in the field! And those voice must be from its pilots, the infamous Kaidonovksys!

Do you assist them?


After a mission, you spot Alexis and Sasha Kaidonovsky striding across the hanger bay in matching fur-ruff jackets and golden skull rings, faces as expressionless and stern as Art Deco statues.

You make a noise. They stop turn, and stare at you. They don't say anything. They just keep starring...like wolves or something.

Do you stare back? Or try to break the very, very awkward silence?


You're eating at a cafeteria table. Alexis is sitting across from you, picking at the food on his tray.

Sudden he looks up at you. His thick eyebrows furrow. "Would you..." He says gruffly, pushing a plate across the table. "...like my pickle?"


You're eating at a cafeteria table. Sasha is sitting across from you, picking at the food on her tray.

Sudden she looks up at you. She raises an eyebrow. "Are you..." She says curtly, gesturing at your plate. "...going to eat that pickle?"